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  1. (Before one of you starts yelling,KITTEN,YOUR 2ND NR FAILED,GET OUT OF THE OUTPOST BUSINESS NOW! I would like to say...If your going to say that,please just get out...)
    Most of you reading this will probably know my 2nd NR failed.
    I would like to announce the Afrene Federation's successor(Afrene Federation was successor of 2nd NR) is...
    The Grand Republic!
    I have changed the constitution idea COMPLETELY!
    Once we reach the limit of 25 members and 2 cities,we will begin the GDA.
    Until then,have fun being ran by Grand Dictator Kitten.
    (No,I will not go power-mad,I will just rule until that limit and those 2 cities are done,when I say 2 cities,I MEAN SOMETHING THAT'S DECENT!)
    (PS: I still am First President,ya know...)
    Here's how it will work.
    Direct Voting for Local Government
    Representive Voting for Central Government
    Like it so far?
    Okay,now onto the NEORE.
    Neore = still in operation,but this time...with a CONCORDIAN STYLE!
    Outside of EMC the Neore will run as a proper currency,but IP's will not be revealed on here,more likely on our website when complete.
    Anyone who want's to play Website Owner and is decent,PM me.
    Now,onto the Federal Government.
    I'm still using the old GDA hall,so we still have 128 regions on EMC alone allowed to join.
    Regions get fairly good autonomy,but should report to the Government every day or so.
    Any questions?
    PS: More coming later.
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  2. I do have a question about the 128 "regions" you plan to have on EMC alone. I assume you mean towns when you mean regions, which already has a problem, there is nowhere near 128 public camps, which means there are nowhere near 128 camps who will sign up for this. Like the Second NR, you are already over your head. So unless you plan to create 128 "regions" yourself, you might want to scale that number WAY back.
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  3. Regions can be towns,or just areas of land without towns:)
  4. So, you are claiming a bunch of territory that may or may not be used but either way will just take up free space for others to use.
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  5. Hm.



    (Anyone available to read between the lines?)
  6. what does NR mean?
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  7. New Republic as far as I know
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  8. Still not allowed, never was allowed. Never will be allowed. Might as well just get that idea out of your head lol.

    Kitten tried to create a Nude Republic.
  9. I think by a 'Concordian style' he means a point incentive system. Basically, in Concordia, we have points for doing jobs which benefit the Concordian public, like providing supplies, killing mobs and getting drops, building farms, stuff like that. When you get lots of points, we're more willing to loan you supplies if you're working on something (e.g. we might loan you an Efficiency V book if you want to mine and will donate what you get) and you're more eligible for high-ranking positions.

    The talk of websites and IPs would suggest otherwise, though. The only infrastructure needed for a Concordian Points system is a Google spreadsheet, the currency should not be spendable.
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  10. Ahhh, I thought he was referencing something outside of EMC.
  11. *New Republic.
    And just GET OUT, if your going to insult my plans like last time!
    PS: It's using Concordian Points Economy System,so I suggest re-reading it in your head.
  12. It will make free space for anyone to use.
    For example,someone wants to build a theme park,but will look out of place in the city.
    But what about in the forests nearby?
  13. You got the bit about website and IP wrong.
    We will use points on EMC and all other servers we go on.
    But,on every other server,we will have a currency to go along with that.
  14. Now,anyone interested in joining?
  15. The records seem to differ.

    Dammit, read it out loud.
  16. At this point are people anti NR or anti kitten ?

    A point system is still a currency and those are not allowed in EMC.
  17. I lost it at this :p

    Anyway, Kitten, you should stop trying to be so ambitious. You need to start out with a small town, small members, and gradually expand it. You can't just run in, 'claim' land you'll never use, and expect people to want to join. You need to build up 'attractive features' of an outpost over time to get people to join it. I'd suggest heading out into the wild with some friends, find some kind of safe place to begin building a town, and start building stuff. After around two weeks you should open it then.

    Not when you claim massive areas of land and expect it to all be used.

    I really do feel sorry for you and how your ideas always get shot down out of the sky, but something needs to be said about your ambitiousness and ideas.

    Also, i'm confused; are you Kitten3101 the First, or are you a president? One is a dictator, one is a title of democracy.
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  18. -.-
    NZScruffy allowed it a while back.
    And Concordia hasn't had staff attack yet.
  19. Okay,I am NOT going to start the flame war and I will instead just ignore your ambitions to annoy me.
  20. I'm the First President.
    In reference to the fact there is also a SECOND President.
    President here refers to "founder".
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