Can we get rid of rabbits

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  1. From my research i have found that 75% of people on empire minecraft said that when ever they get near rabbits there minecraft crashes 1 of those people i asked was SUMSUM07
  2. Since rabbits are part of Minecraft 1.8, and since EMC runs on 1.8, we can't really remove them. They're a part of the game, and if you're trying to suggest we get rid of them, I'm against that.

    Also, on the contrary, I've never seen anyone complain about crashes due to rabbits.
  3. I have reason to doubt your "study".
  4. also if you don't believe us then can you tell us how to not get lag or crash
  5. I'm not sure who this "us" is right now. I haven't seen any evidence of a survey or anything involving rabbits crashing people's games. To me, it looks like "us" is "you".
  6. Running minecraft on 4 different pcs and no rabbit related issues.
  7. Rabbits? We can't get rid of those cute guys! :p
  8. and right now i cant even go to my home because all my neighbours have rabbits and i did mean around 75
  9. fine but yeah ok i cant really go home but fine you guys win
  10. yay finally i can at least move at my house
  11. My mine craft never crashes....neither do any of my friends. Also, EMC runs on 1.8 and in order to get rid of rabbits, mojang would have to get rid of rabbits and that won't happen. Sorry, bud
  12. can we kill the rabbits even though my PC doesnt crash because of dem?
  13. I'm not sure why this is in introduce yourself but hello !! Rabbits are staying. I run two minecrafts and stream Netflix on my PC and I'm not lagging so it must be you.
  14. To answer the question of "Can we get rid of rabbits?"

    Yes. Yes we can.
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  15. Kill da wabbits....kill da wabbits!

    Keep da poor wittle wabbits.

    Be very, very quiet....I'm hunting a wascally wabbit...
  16. That's not something that we can easily do. I personally have seen a lot of rabbits around and have not experienced any sort of problems. The crashes could possibly be caused by one of two things:
    1. Poorly installed 1.8 or a bad version. I don't know how it happens, but it does happen.
    2. Something else could be causing the lag and crashes. Maybe it's coincidence, maybe not.
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  17. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! :)

    For your problem, I did a quick Google search:

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  18. Are you sure there isnt another issue going on? You would need tems of thousands of rabbits in one spot to lag that badly. However, entity limits prevents that.
  19. I think this is nonsense and i rate this thread at 0