Bulk Log Business

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  1. All logs/nether stems, including stripped: 6048r per DC @ 1.75r each

    Pickup and delivery available.

    Pickup Location: Yixomua-4 (Utopia/5023)
  2. I would *love* to order 10 DC's of oak logs that would be 69,120r right? :eek:
  3. Yep. Tell me when you're on, I have it ready.
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  4. Greetings Yix, I would like to order 8 total

    2 dc Oak
    1 dc Birch
    1 dc Acacia
    2 dc Jungle
    2 dc Spruce
  5. I have everything else, I just need to get some more oak since Sefl bought it all out :)
    The price will be 55296r
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  6. Will send a transfer in 30 mins. Just let me know qhen to pick up. Cheerio.
  7. Two double chest of jungle or acacia. Just going to make fuel for my auto smelter. :p 13,824r correct?
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  8. Yep :)
    I have that on stock. Pickup or delivery?
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  9. Pick up will work just fine! I'll send payment today and just set up access and let me know.! Thanks Yix
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  10. Chests are set up at Serimeo-2@pickup
  11. 1dc of oak please
  12. Pickup or delivery?
  13. Pick up all day every day
  14. 6912r. Pickup is set up at res listed in OP.
  15. payed a bit weirdly and picked up

    1 payment of 6k and another of 1k
  16. 1SC of Acacia and 1SC of Jungle please. 6912r, correct? I'll pay and have a chest set up at 4363@f2 once order is confirmed. :)
  17. Could I please get 5 DCs of Oak and 15 DCs of Acacia?
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  18. got another req., 0.5 of oak and 0.5 dark oak. I don't mind if the dark oak takes forever because of the whole farm remodel thing
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