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  1. NOTE: Because of the difficulty of farming mangrove logs in bulk quantities, I do not currently plan to carry mangrove logs. If you are looking for mangrove logs in smaller quantities, I sell them at Yixomua-3 (or 14674)

    Normal logs: 1.75r each
    Nether stems: 2.5r each
    Stripped logs available for no extra charge

    No discounts since this is already bulk pricing

    Pickup Location: Yixomua-4 (Utopia/5023)

    Order Spreadsheet
  2. I would *love* to order 10 DC's of oak logs that would be 69,120r right? :eek:
  3. Yep. Tell me when you're on, I have it ready.
  4. Greetings Yix, I would like to order 8 total

    2 dc Oak
    1 dc Birch
    1 dc Acacia
    2 dc Jungle
    2 dc Spruce
  5. I have everything else, I just need to get some more oak since Sefl bought it all out :)
    The price will be 55296r
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  6. Will send a transfer in 30 mins. Just let me know qhen to pick up. Cheerio.
  7. Two double chest of jungle or acacia. Just going to make fuel for my auto smelter. :p 13,824r correct?
  8. Yep :)
    I have that on stock. Pickup or delivery?
  9. Pick up will work just fine! I'll send payment today and just set up access and let me know.! Thanks Yix
  10. Chests are set up at Serimeo-2@pickup
  11. 1dc of oak please
  12. Pickup or delivery?
  13. Pick up all day every day
  14. 6912r. Pickup is set up at res listed in OP.
  15. payed a bit weirdly and picked up

    1 payment of 6k and another of 1k
  16. 1SC of Acacia and 1SC of Jungle please. 6912r, correct? I'll pay and have a chest set up at 4363@f2 once order is confirmed. :)
  17. Could I please get 5 DCs of Oak and 15 DCs of Acacia?
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  18. got another req., 0.5 of oak and 0.5 dark oak. I don't mind if the dark oak takes forever because of the whole farm remodel thing