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  1. NOTE: Dark oak may not be available for a while. I am in the process of upgrading my dark oak farm.

    Res: Serimeo-2 (5023) @ pickup (Utopia)
    Price: 2r/log (any type) - No discounts
    Maximum Quantity: 20 DCs (total)
    Maximum Active Orders: 1 (alts count)

    You may specify that the type of log doesn't matter. Time estimates are determined by ongoing orders, amount requested, and stock available. I can do delivery free of charge or arrange pickup.

    Order Spreadsheet

    Stock (DCs)
    Oak 0
    Spruce 9
    Birch 8
    Jungle 8
    Acacia 9
    Dark Oak 0

    ** OriginalScuf and her alts are expressly prohibited from ordering.
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  2. I would *love* to order 10 DC's of oak logs that would be 69,120r right? :eek:
  3. Yep. Tell me when you're on, I have it ready.
  4. Greetings Yix, I would like to order 8 total

    2 dc Oak
    1 dc Birch
    1 dc Acacia
    2 dc Jungle
    2 dc Spruce
  5. I have everything else, I just need to get some more oak since Sefl bought it all out :)
    The price will be 55296r
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  6. Will send a transfer in 30 mins. Just let me know qhen to pick up. Cheerio.
  7. Two double chest of jungle or acacia. Just going to make fuel for my auto smelter. :p 13,824r correct?
  8. Yep :)
    I have that on stock. Pickup or delivery?
  9. Pick up will work just fine! I'll send payment today and just set up access and let me know.! Thanks Yix
  10. Chests are set up at Serimeo-2@pickup