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  1. Hello EMC.

    Recently, I was engaged in a lesson that motivated me to make this thread because of how closely related it is to the concept of patterns in art! So, without a further introduction, lets get started!

    By my definition, a pattern is anything with some form of repetition. As you can see in the image above, there are very noticeable patterns in it; the rhombuses are organized in rows and columns where they contain the same shape.
    But, what happens if there aren't enough patterns and/or they aren't complicated enough? Well, too much repetition makes the visual, or whatever it is, too boring. Check the video below from Lente for more information.
    In art and architecture, patterns are used to unify parts of a visual as a whole. An example of unification is a building where all of its windows share something in common visually. This doesn't have to be their size; It could be their proportions, like the dimensions of all of the windows are a 2:1 length/height ratio.


    With how easy the lesson I had was for me, I bet this one about patterns would be for others too!
    As usual, hopefully this was helpful to you!:)

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  2. Cool introduction. I would watch the video, but 21 minutes is too long :p. If I have the time, I will try to get to watching it.
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  3. Can someone quote me on this post sometime tomorrow so I will watch it thanks
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  5. Well done! Easy to follow, great examples!
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