[BLOG] Outpost Tours on Empire Minecraft

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  1. Updated: February 15th, 2017
    JDHallows embarks on a trek across the Frontier as he explores player-created outposts on the Empire. This week, he's showcasing the outpost of the Estonan Federation.

    Read his most recent post here: Click ME!

    For previous posts in the Outpost Tours series, please see below:
    Pilz-Reich: click HERE
  2. Interesting name :p
  3. That was an enjoyable blog post. I'd say you should all read it.
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  4. Time to read something

    I would love to see more :p
  5. This looks interesting! :D
  6. The new system is looking great. Better exposure for the contrib. members and their works. <3 I'm finishing mine after the holidays, traveling all over the U. S. in the next two weeks.
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  7. Great stuff JD! Love the way the outpost looks with shaders, adds that extra touch. And thanks for letting us see your place Soul. Might need to start a pilgrimage to visit all these places. :p
  8. Thx hunny

    EDIT: Thought I should point out the name means 'Mushroom Empire' in German. I'm not trying to say that I love pills or want to herald in the coming of the Fourth Reich.
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  9. Hmm..Guess I need to finish my outpost so I can show it off.
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  10. I think I know of a Mushroom Empire... Well, more of a Mushroom Island... Well, actually it's more of a Whale Isle.
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  11. Fancy post, fancy account, fancy front page... I'm looking forward to even more of this fanciness. :eek: Awesome job to JDH on the post! :D

    My first outpost was on a little mooshroom isle out on SMP4. This was a nice bit of nostalgia for me, haha.
  12. I was thinking to myself of other great outposts for this and one in particular came to mind, Underhelm. It's an extremely nice and well known place, it would be great for this.
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  13. This was published before, though.
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  14. *clap clap* nice job JD! Twas an awesome post if i do say so myself! :p
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  15. Fantastic highlights. Love seeing other outposts. Keep it up.
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  16. Indeed, however we decided to move these to the blog for more visibility. Plus, this blog post has been improved a lot with help from Alex, Fendy, and Krysyy.
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  17. Glad to hear that the blog post is being received well, I enjoyed it myself, I highly recommend the read! You can expect lots more great content from JD and the rest of the team in due course! :)
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  18. This is awesome JD :D
  19. I'm forever in awe of the creativity of the people that play this game. Thanks for the post JDHallows!