[Blog] How to Run a Successful Shop

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by MoreMoople, Jun 16, 2021.

  1. :eek: Woot!! I absolutely love this!! :love: :<3: Thank you for doing this Nony!! I don't have a shop, nor have I ever been interested in dealing with one past going to a mall to get that one thing I can't seem to get on my own, so when new players ask me I can really only send them the link to the wiki. You've made this so much easier to understand and follow.. heck I could even follow it. :p
  2. Makes me wish I took up my "dream profession" as a farmer back in early 2015. Of course, that was under my original username and my original skin. :)

    (Thanks to an EMC player [forgot the name], they told me being a farmer was extremely difficult, and I just became a regular player at that point, abandoning that idea.)
  3. And after a day at the mall, Ricardo . . . :)
  4. Hope you've all enjoyed reading it :D

    I actually wrote the blog post as part of this competition, its just been a long time coming in getting it up and published on the blog :p