Bad Luck Thread

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  1. Hey there Empire!

    I thought I'd start this thread about bad luck seeing I've been
    having some bad luck of my own lately.

    I tore my ligament in my knee while playing netball...
    I've been under the knife to fix it up, and it's got some colourful
    tape on it now ^.^

    But as for the pain afterwards, I had ice on it for 3 days in a row.
    That was until I found out it wasn't just a sore knee.

    Here's a pic: download.jpg

    No colourful tape there, sorry, haha.

    The main aim of this thread was to share your bad luck stories, or to relate to other people's.

    There is a good end to this story; since I won't be playing sport for 3 weeks, my Mum and Dad bought me The Sims 3 University Life as a sympathy present. Best present ever, lol.
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  2. I feel your pain I too tore some ligaments in once, mine were in y foot and I had to use crutches for a few weeks... Although it was nearly 5 years ago I still remember how sore my arms were as I didn't really know how to use the crutches and lent on them all the time... Good times lol :p
  3. Aeschylus, an ancient Greek, was reputedly killed by a tortoise falling head. As legend has it, an eagle, mistaking the playwright's bald crown for a stone, dropped it on his head:eek: - Now that is what I call bad luck :rolleyes:
  4. Someone fell on me when I went roller skating and I have a broken leg...
  5. I broke my Pinkie toe once......
    That's about it.
    *Knock on wood*
  6. I have broken a toe and my left arm.
  7. -_- I only remember a little bit of this but when I was little Pandaseatramen and me were playing with a kitchen set out side and she took a decent sized round rock, threw it on the ground (i happen to be staring down at it like an idiot) and it bounced back up hit me in the head then all i remember is blood and her getting in trouble.

    I got her back a few years later by throwing a hammer at her face >.>
  8. The wording in your post is rude and offensive. Maybe you should just say "Someone fell on me when I went roller skating and I have a broken leg..." because it could have happened even if the person wasn't "a fatty" as you say.

    We were building birdhouses out in our yard, she got mad at me and tossed the hammer. It hit me in the nose. My nose is now unsymmetrical.
  9. Comes back from week and half spring break.....the teacher gives out the Midterms. -_- everyone was happy about it ....
  10. teacher gave our midterm 3 days before spring break then the day after said we have 2 days to finish an assignment which required us to read 100 pages, 2 projects, 2 quizzes, and a unit exam. -_- (i didnt do it >.> i went adventuring instead.)

  11. Sorry I didn't mean it like that, I should have explained... He wasn't even fat, but after he fell on me, my little sister came up to him and pointed then said , " you're a fatty!" It was just a joke :) I'm sorry
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  12. It's ok, I just wanted to save you a flame war. They tend to start over everything it seems lol.
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  13. Fell on the ice earlier thsi year and broke a bone in my wrist. Fell on ice again a week ago and badly sprained my big toe
  14. Stay off the ice...
  15. Eh, hard to do when it is everywhere (yes I live in a taiga biome . . . during the winter, anyway).
  16. Damn... I would done the same
  17. Stay near the warm buzzing heat of you laptop :)
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  18. When I was 13 I was at the neighbor's house cause we hung out with his niece when she was there. Once I remember they had this sticky lizard toy we were playing with. Being the usual jerk that big brothers are, JJ tossed the sticky lizard at the ceiling and it hit and stuck. Emily couldn't reach it. I jumped up to grab it, got it but landed with my right foot sideways, ankle snapping loudly and ankle and foot turned blue. I bawled my eyes out for my dad who had to take me to the hospital to be x-rayed. Luckily it was only a sprain.

    The lizard was like these, only a lizard.
  19. When I was in high school, I was doing my senior year service project. I was working at a little kids school and helping out in a 3rd grade class. I was at recess playing football...stepped back on my knee, stepped on ice, my knee buckled forward (imagine your knee bending normally...ok now picture that same movement forward and you get the idea of how it went). My ACL, MCL, PCL and meniscus decided they no longer wanted to remain together. My kneecap dislocated and I collapsed. The kids all rushed to get the playground attendant and then the bell rang for lunch and they went inside. So I laid on my back on the ground, my knee all bent and destroyed, and it began to snow. The snow did get a little heavier and my pain level was all the way to delirious. I had no way of getting into the school. I tried to scoot but the pain was awful. Finally, after about an hour, snow still falling on my wounded carcass, the principal came out and came to see what I was doing. They had been watching me lay there from the office and were concerned I was a drunk hobo or something. As soon as she figured out it was me and I was hurt, she got my friend, who was working in a different class, to come and help me hobble in. I got a trip to the ER, followed by a trip to a surgeon, followed by PT. When my knee buckled again in PT, it was decided I should have surgery. They cleaned up the scar tissue and repaired the PCL, MCL but removed most of my meniscus and left my ACL apart. It's been 14 years since that & happy to say no ill effects even without an ACL.
    Bad luck seems to follow me and I've got plenty of stories of getting hurt ;)
  20. Sorry you got hurt, sounds pretty horrible. At the same time this sentence made me laugh.
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