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  1. Wow, that is unlucky, please remove the car from your drive, and no more fires please :)
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  2. That is some bad luck. I guess sometimes, as the saying goes, when it rains, it pours. Bad luck seems to come in droves sometimes. This will pass and this will get better. Stay strong, keep your head up & it will get better :)
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  3. When my Mom was pregnant with me, and about a few weeks in, she developed a kidney stone. She didn't know she was pregnant with me at the time. She went to get it destroyed, but decided to get it checked out one last time. The doctor told her she was preggers. She got to keep that kidney stone for 9 months. When I was 12ish I asked if she still had the kidney stone, as a memento, and she said no...

    When I was born I had a brain hemorrhage and wouldn't eat, sleep, or cry. I guess I almost died but the gods of old granted me life. I don't have any lasting effects from it.

    When I was 3(ish) my brother and I (Older brother / not 1080) were playing tag. I've always been bigger than him. 3 year old me thought it was a good idea to knock him over and I guess I jumped on his chest. From a chair. Well he passed out and fireman people were called :p

    In 3rd grade I was playing basketball outside during recess. I was never really good, but I enjoyed it haha. I was going in for a lay-up when a kid tripped me. I fell on my left knee and it got skinned to the bone.

    Later in 3rd grade we were in PE and playing Capture the chicken (just like flag, but weird.) I was about to get their flag when a kid got in my way. I wanted to be the heroic boy who jumped over his adversary and got the chicken. Well I jumped, roughly 1/4th as high as I could in my imagination and landed on the side of my foot. I had to sit out for a few minutes because we thought it was a sprain. The next morning I woke up and it was extremely swollen, discolored, and it hurt. A lot. I went to the doctor and he said "Our last x-ray broke this morning.. sorry" so we got to go to the hospital. Yay. After waiting for a few hours they finally got to me and just told me it was fractured. Took a few minutes for them to check. It was worth the wait though, because I got crutches, and in elementary/middle school - You are the COOLEST kid when you have crutches.

    In 5th grade we got the "puberty talk." Nuff said.

    In 7th grade, I was playing football. We showed up to a high school on an extremely rainy day only to be told we have to play on a "grass" field. Apparently we would ruin the turf. Well the "grass" field turned out to be 90% mud, 5% rock, and 5% crap (I am still convinced it was crap). It started raining harder. And harder. And kept getting colder. My hands were freezing and I went to tackle someone. I got them down, but jammed one of my fingers into their helmet in the process. If you've ever jammed a frozen finger... I'm sorry. If that wasn't enough, as a teammate was helping him up, he "accidentally" stepped on my other hand. Cleats man. Not fun.

    In 9th grade I started playing Rugby. There's plenty of "Bad luck" in Rugby though, so I'll stick to one body part in particular.
    I always get bloody noses for stupid things. Blowing my nose, occasionally scratching it, sneezing, and even just randomly. So in a full contact sport, you're gonna hit your nose. Oh and it always gushed. Never just a few drops.
    Before a game with "East Side," we were practicing. As I was running, someone tried to tackle me. They got their hand on my jersey. Well I spun around and face-planted. I was bleeding for about 40 minutes and missed half the game </3. When I got in though it was pretty fun. Rugby is a good sport :D

    At the end of my junior year in high school (17) , I went on a church hike called "Trek" where basically we take handcarts and push them for 30ish miles over three days. We were at a farm and it had a LOT of hills and was extremely dry. The second night there, someone decided to set our tent up on a fire ant hill. Oh and the tent had a hole in it haha. I was the one on that hole. I don't have an exact figure, but I was bit over 200 times.. and I slept through it. I noticed a few bites on my hands the next day, and one or two on my ankles. Over the day (It was supposed to be around 9 miles, but the route we were taking was being used by the farm hands so we had to backtrack the entire 9 miles and move around 3 extra (21 total) still pushing our 500ish pound handcarts (Amount of people per cart varied, but I was the oldest. And the only boy. So I got to push the most haha.
    Some of you may have seen this already haha. It's my feet a day + a couple hoursish after I was bit. The bites aren't agitated in this picture.

    That's it for now :p
  4. Wow, those are probably the worst stories I've seen...(as in you've had VERY bad luck(and "friends")).
  5. Every year for the past 3-4 years (I lost count), I always break or sprain SOMETHING a few days away from summer vacation
    Broken arm (twice)
    Broken fingers (once)
    Broken wrist to go along with the fingers
    Sprained ankle (once)
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  6. I got my tounge stuck in a j2O bottle on holiday and it went blue, had to go to hospital... YUCK
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  7. Well the first one was bad for my mom, and I don't remember any of it.
    I also don't remember the second.
    The third sucked just sucked, but in my 3rd grade mind it was pretty cool to see the bone haha.
    The fourth only hurt when I woke up really. It was a hairline fracture in my ankle. After about a day it was fine, but I had to stay on crutches and those things get really uncomfortable under your arms haha.
    The 5th was the worst. The video was absolutely terrible. It was about an uncle who discovered his nephew was "growing up" and then the boy had to learn how to stand up for himself. Yeah. Gross.
    The 6th was actually the worst one. No long term effects, but at the time completely miserable. Hated. Every. Minute. Of. It.
    The 7th wasn't too bad. Since I was used to bloody noses it didn't bother me. The faceplant hurt a little, but if I got hurt from that really badly I shouldn't have been playing Rugby haha.
    The 8th / last one wasn't actually that bad. At first. I went the entire day (the 21 miles) without noticing all the bites on my feet. I only noticed when we were completely done and I got some cort-aid for my hands and the little one on my ankle. When I saw all the red dots after taking my shoes and socks off, I asked the volunteer doctor dude if it was an allergic reaction. Nooope. Just hundreds of bites haha. After noticing them though... Oh mah gawsh. The itching. It was unbearable.

    I think that it what happened to Beastly was worse haha. Laying in pain for an hour as people think you're a drunk hobo? Nice..
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  8. Watching television has already taught me all that stuff so i did not have to go through that awkward moment.

    Was climbing over one of those short sturdy fences when my crazy stalker girl person grabbed me and i rolled down the hill then fell 5 feet onto hard rocks and almost into a huge puddle. Luckily i had no damage as i barely feel pain.

    I found out that it is really easy to bleed when somehow i cut a round cut on my shoulder with a diameter of maybe .5 mm and it was bleeding all down my arm and all over my hands.

    I am prone to stomach aches and vomiting. Nuff nuff.

    I am the middle child(the worst thing possible)
  9. A week before my 16th birthday I was getting up, getting ready to get on the bus for school, the usual routine. So I start to put my socks on, and as I put the right sock on, I felt something go into my foot, and I was like, "What the heck?" I thought it was a piece of wood or something like that. I took the sock off, and it sure wasn't wood. It looked like metal. So after failing to get it out, I woke everyone up at 6:00 in the morning, and we went to the hospital, where I found out that it was a fishing hook, and that the numbing shot hurts A LOT more than getting the hook in my toe.

    Then come my birthday, I open up the card from my mom, and find a picture of my toe that she took when we got to the hospital, which almost shocked me as I opened it up.

    On the other hand, I didn't have to go to school that day, but I'd rather not have a hole in my toe.
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  10. This is the epitome of my "bad luck"
    We (my wife & I) walked away from this...a little worse for wear, no doubt, but still alive, breathing & damn happy to be here.
    This is what happens when a person who just got their commercial drivers license for hauling 80k pounds of crushed rock in a semi decides to run a red light while speeding and "bad luck" decides that you need to cross paths with that person.

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  11. Holy cow!
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  12. They spent most of the day looking into a way to get the car to Tim's and looking at another car that someone has for sale that's willing to let us make payments. The old one is now basically a junk heap that will probably never run again. It wasn't supposed to catch fire with the fuel filter off. :/ Means pretty much another while without a car, him staying overnight at work on workdays etc.
  13. Omg one time my cat had bad luck because it saw an crocodile and was spooked so it ran away.