Attack Speed PVP Arenas

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  1. Again, the people who don't even use the arenas shouldn't decide, those that do should decide.
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  2. You're right. I'll tell you what, we should get a few people to patrol the PvP arena to see who uses it.

    Honestly, do you expect people who don't use the PvP arena or that aren't interested in PvP at all to fill out a poll they know nothing about?
    Personally, I am not using the PvP arena until 1.9 because I don't want to deal with 1.8 PvP anymore.
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  3. Let's patrol the pvp arenas:
    I actually do not mind this suggestion, but honestly the pvp community is so small these days :/ Used to be better when it was like dj, sachrock and subhan a lot.
  4. Because you are the only person who hates us. Why, man?
  5. October 2015 was a good time for PvP... Arenas were so active. When they died a small part of me died too.
    Woah, woah, woah! I know it's more than Sean who hates me! I'm a very dislikable person, you see, and I find it quite rude for you to suggest otherwise!

    Will possibly respond to other [unintelligent ramblings] of [uneducated people] in this thread later tonight, depends on if I need the satisfaction of destroying people with logic tonight. If this thread is still here Sunday night I will, because I'll have a computer and it'll be fun. Typing things that make sense on a phone is harder than you might think.
  6. I feel your pain :3
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  7. I think we should just let the coders do what they feel is best at this moment.
  8. Don't worry, Penguin, you are loved.

    Not by me, but I am sure by somebody. :p
  9. Ping.
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  10. I must say, it's a good idea, but the problem is that it would have to have special programming and whatever. Really, it would be difficult to implement, but it would make the small - but still existing - PvP community happy.

    Of course, I'm in the middle, because I personally haven't even tried PvP yet. I won't say that it shouldn't happen, but I will say that it's unlikely. The devs have too much on their plates right now to even consider this, but it's not a bad idea.
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  11. Wat
  12. i dont think you could even do this without plugins
  13. The server is made from plugins...
  14. as in plugins players have to install to play on our server
  15. ... So mods... That wouldn't make sense to do because it is absolutely possible in vanilla, as there are attributes that can change attack speed and damage. All this would be is a fair arena with any armor and sword allowed, but it would change the damage you deal to other players.
  16. I just love a thread of the pvpers against actual mob fighters. As you may realize the combat isn't just for pvp it is for pve as well. May I remind you that I do not support "Fixing" changes towards the combat. We all hate some features, I for one was a complete hater against 1.8 because of changes of enchantment and adding 3 more common blocks to mine. 1.9 is basicly the same deal for you player killers, we all learn to cope you should as well. No need to be spiteful against Mojang for adding these additions. At least they are working on it. If you don't like MC because of this update, there is a nice feature for macs and windows and it is called the trash bin. Throw Minecraft in there and I am sure that you will feel better.

    1.9 is just a challenge addition to minecraft and I do find them really fun. I would advise you update those auto block and kill aura mods to 1.9 so you can compensate for those recharge times ;)

    As for this thread as stated before in my first post on here, I do not support adding "patches" towards 1.8 pvp because others don't like the different combat mechanics in 1.9.
  17. yes you can change attack speed and damage, but you cant change dual wielding, the power attacks, the 1.9 specific items. i have yet to see any servers changing attack speed so if you wanna prove that i wouldnt mind but i know you can control damage, changing the other mechanics and making it pure 1.8 would require client side plugins, which would have to be downloaded
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  18. Did you read the intro or the other posts on this thread?
    No one was suggesting removing 1.9 features, and the new arena that was proposed wouldn't affect PvE, or you, in any way. No one is resenting Mojang for adding these features, and certainly no one here wants to stop playing Minecraft because of them.

    From what I see you're disliking the idea without any real reason other than it not being vanilla.
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  19. The addition of a 1.8 arena while keeping the others at 1.9 wouldn't hurt anyone, and would allow those who dislike the changes to remain old-school.

    I don't think people are against the idea of the addition of a new arena, but rather the elapsed time required for Aikar to code and add this into the server.

    There may be some servers that have used code to already manage this, but keep in mind that Aikar sifts through all of the code to ensure that we EMCers can always enjoy ourselves, bug-free. This takes time.

    In this case, I'm saying -1. In terms of priorities, I'd rather have Empires be fully released before an update that caters to a much smaller percentage of the Empire.
    Whether 1500 days old or five, the wealthiest player on the empire or with a balance of one-thousand rupees, every player has a vote. The Empire belongs to us all, and we should all have a vote no-matter how much we use the PvP arenas, or lack thereof.

    I'd be appreciative if you could respect the opinions of every player before playing the victim.

    Just my 0,02
  20. Use the static damage arenas. In 1.9, you can spam with lower damage: the static damage arenas are the same damage even if you spam.