Attack Speed PVP Arenas

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  1. but you're the only one who hacks
    i'm sorry it was a joke pls dont hurt me i fan
  2. That's exactly what I'm referring to. To say that the pvpers' vote should weighted more than a normal players' is downright rude. It affects the non-pvpers in ways other than the pvp arena; an example off the top of my head: it affect the timeline of future updates.
  3. It should be weighed more. Just like if Aikar was making changes in the Frontier. People in the Frontier regularly should have their opinion more heavily considered than those who only stay in Town. Sure, it may affect non-pvpers but it's not gonna delay anything by much. We're not gonna get Dragon Tombs anytime soon, lol.
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  4. I am on EMC still.

    Don't worry fam I forgive you :p
  5. Those are illegal....
  6. Rude posts removed. C'mon guys. Don't feed the trolls and don't call each other names. Is it really that much to ask?
  7. lolnope

    That's not how Minecraft works.
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  8. thats not how emc works, theres been numerous times aikar has gotten complaints because he changed things that affected both townies and frontier players cause "he didnt take wild players opinions more seriously" also, aikar isnt changing how pvp works you are asking him to change how pvp works. so an appropriate comparison is like is mojang made changes that worked on emc and frontier players whined like you are and he adjusted even though a majority of town players didnt want the change.
  9. Why people are talking for other people on this post... Aikar will/ Aikar wont.
    I am sorry but you are not in Aikar head or anybody's head so stop talking for them. Thank you :)

    (I did not want to attack anybody)
  10. I feel attacked...
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  11. Bump now that we have 1.9
  12. I use it lol
  13. Anyone else amused by all these comments?
  14. Yeah. It's amusing that some people feel that they can speak so confidentially (and dumbly) about a topic that they know nothing about.

    I'll be making a long thread when I get the chance addressing the insane amount of misinformation going around this thread and its newer brother.
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  15. <<<
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  16. I think I said plenty in this thread XD