Attack Speed PVP Arenas

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  1. This amuses me. The people voting -1
    a. Rarely, if ever, PvP
    b. Rarely, if ever, use the PvP Arenas

    Sure, you guys should have a voice but going with the poll on this vote would be bad. There should be a poll sent to people who regularly PvP and PvP on EMC. Let's see those results. Instead of changing (or not in this case) it based on the opinion of players it doesn't affect, ask the ones that it does affect.

    The idea that Peculiar is suggesting is another arena(s) with 1.8 cool down times. He never said to get rid of 1.9 arenas. We could ditch the PvP 'Fair' arenas, that no one uses, for the 1.8 arenas. Since the 1.8 arenas are a floor below, the noobies still get to the regular arenas upon teleport.
  2. But shouldn't the people that use the fair arenas get to vote on that? And maybe we can get all of the main promo collectors to vote on the next promo, because it's not like the small collectors matter.
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  3. No one uses PvP fair. But go ahead, ask no one. :p
  4. -1
    It would make the mechanics uneven, as previously stated.
    This is a suggestion to prevent change.
    Can't the PvPers learn to PvP again? Current PvP is all clicking, no thought. This update actually makes it a thoughtful process.
  5. If it is all clicking as you say, please explain then why can some players can absolutely demolish others?
  6. Why hasn't anyone thought of asking if this is even possible :p As for my thought on the idea? -1 It's like when a game or server resets, It lets new players have easier entrance. I'll just keep being the 3% I guess.
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  7. Everyone who says that current PVP is just spam clicking; 1v1 me noobz i'll e z rekt u and you won't do anything about it cuz you don't know how to pvp
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  8. Pvp takes skill.. It has techniques that you sometimes have to use to beat other players. It's not all about what you have, it's about what you can do with what you have. I can easily overpower someone in 2/4 diamond in uhc (did it once). You just have to know how to not get hit and know how and when to strike your opponentX
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  9. Some people click faster than others? Didn't PenguinDJ say that there was some fancy PvP aspect that focuses on fast clicking?
    Also, it would be because of Accuracy/Precision.
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  10. @ everyone who said -1:

    Who/what does this HURT?

    It only BENEFITS people who don't like the update.

    Non-PvPers aren't hurt in any way; people who like 1.9 aren't hurt in any way.
    At the least, this would HELP the server keep its players by giving 1.7/8 pvpers a place to go to PvP.

    Sure, you can say people aren't giving 1.9 a chance, or hate change... The people who say that are being as narrow minded as the people they are accusing of being narrow minded.
    There are certainly people who dislike the update because it's change, you're right. But that's not everyone.

    How about the people who HAVE TRIED 1.9 and decided they dislike it at THAT point? (Me and Chocolate for example)? You're forgetting those people ACTUALLY EXIST.

    It's not a matter of disliking change or having to learn to PvP again. It's a matter of people disliking the update because it's: not as fun, unbalanced, slow, clunky--take your pick. The people who oppose 1.9 aren't stubborn idiots like most of you make them (us) out to be.

    +1 for giving people the CHOICE of their style of PvP.

    Also, the people who have pointed out that this would be unbalanced have provided no actual REASONING for saying so--likely because there isn't any. This wouldn't be unbalanced at all.
    Please... If you're going to use my quotes to argue against someone else, make sure you know what I was actually saying.

    You got my quote right: cps (clicks per second) does matter. If two people of equal skill were matched against each other, the one with faster cps would win. Which supports what Toto said and what you think.

    But you used my quote COMPLETELY out of context. I believe, and all pvpers would agree with me on this, that click speed is a part of the game and can help people a lot. It is, however, NOT the defining factor in ANY fight. Someone with 5 cps can kill someone with 15 cps easily.

    Btw the following list of PvP strategies, weapons, etc completely destroys any argument that PvP is "just spam clicking." Before you or anyone else tries to argue with me on this, tell me how many of these things you know/know how to use them:

    Block hit
    Rod trick

    And once you or anyone else ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAY THOSE ASPECTS OF PVP ARE, feel free to argue with me that PvP is "just spam clicking," because all of those things are just SOME of the things that makes PvP NOT SPAM CLICKING.

    Look up Hivlik's Road to Global Top Episode 20 on YouTube. Seriously. Do it. Watch a few minutes of actual PvP. Watch how PvP isn't spam clicking.
    I told myself I was done throwing my opinions around regarding PvP, but it makes me angry when people who have no idea what the **** they're talking about PRETEND to know what they're talking about, and when they use MY QUOTES OUT OF CONTEXT to argue their unfounded, flat-out wrong opinions to argue with someone else.
  11. Is that even possible? Also -1.
  12. I believe it is an attribute, so can be edited by commands, but I am not entirely sure.
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  13. I was just quoting you for an example. I forgot which one it was, but one them was focused on extremely fast clicking and some other things.

    It doesn't really benefit. More than just attack strength was changed.
    • Attack Strength (just including so the list is complete)
    • Damage (Axes do more damage for instance)
    • Critical hits (only when going downwards, if that makes sense)
    • Dual wielding
    • No sword blocking and only shields
    • Armor has changed to make diamond more useful
    • Sweep attack (which I think could easily be changed)
    • New potions (Doesn't really matter)
    • New arrows
    • Health regeneration has changed
    • Sharpness and protection enchantments have been nerfed

    As he said, I believe it is very possible with the generic.attackspeed tag
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  14. It is. B**l**n has fixed 1.9

    On a side note, you guys are fighting a losing battle. We have much more experience in this field and we know what we're talking about. I'm sure you guys are better than us at other things but this is our forte and we don't want it to see it die off because some random dude on YouTube asked Mojang to kill it.
  15. No idea what that is suppose to be.
  16. +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  17. He was talking about a Pvp server but didn't say the name as it would be advertising.
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  18. I know that, but I have no idea what that PvP server could be.
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  20. Search bl
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