Attack Speed PVP Arenas

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  1. Just saying, tipped arrows arent really worth using in the arenas. They arent affected by infinity. (I have tested this in creative singleplayer)
  2. They wouldn't be worth using in the PvP arenas of course. They probably weren't made with arenas in mind, only open spaces.
  3. You have to test it in survival... Shooting a bow in creative doesn't require an arrow in your inventory
  4. Reasoning?

  5. I was testing tipped arrows not basic arrows...
  6. We already have code to modify cool-down before 1.9 even is on the server, so I don't see a problem with making some of the arenas change this up to be more 1.8ish. Some of the more advanced changes of 1.9 I cannot promise anything for though.
  7. By modify, you mean change, not remove, right?
  8. Our 1.8 already has cool-down ability. The current code is set up for events like Mob Arena and we can change up the cool-down timer depending on the staff running the event.

    1.9 is adding this cool-down standard to fighting everywhere, but with our code, we'll most likely be able to change it up to somewhat match 1.8 etc for 1.8 style events if preferred.
  9. What about armor? Armor was nerfed badly. How would it change MA?
  10. We'll have to look at it more once we are 1.9, but the 'nerfed' armor isn't that big of an issue. Remember we also have no armor rounds at Mob Arena, etc so it may not always matter.
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  11. Alright, but I'd hate to see Mob Arena become a hunger fest (no items round) and move away from actual gear.
  12. I say we just leave 1.9 combat changes alone and you guys can have your 1.8 arenas. I really don't see a need for a change here.
  13. Does it need to be changed? No. Do we need a lot of the changes that have been made on emc from normal minecraft? No! These suggestions are wanted, not needed. And please do not say that emc is vanilla, because it is far from it.
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  14. He didn't say it was vanilla?
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  15. In fact, if you ignore my earlier days, I have never said EMC is vanilla.
    Seems to me that your ideas are wanted by 1.8 pvp lovers and disliked by those who are willing to take on and adapt to change.
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  16. I'm not saying that you did say that emc is vanilla, I'm just saying that it isn't vanilla and some people will argue that is is vanilla
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  17. Wow, lots of stuff going on on this thread.
    Just to be clear, I didn't say in my post that I was against the idea. Just pointed out that it would take more than just changing the attack speed to make these 1.8 arenas fair, and the Devs probably wouldn't go out of their way to fix everything in order for them to work. Devs' priorities are based on the number of people that want these features added, and not that many people want this because most people here don't even PVP.
  18. StoneSky is saying it's not needed, and I am agreeing with him. It is not needed, but it is wanted. A lot of features on emc are player suggested and are not needed. They are wanted. I am really excited for 1.9, just the pvp is something I'm not fond of at the moment.
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  19. TBH, I am thinking the only way to settle this is a front page poll before 1.9 is here. It probably won't happen, but it would be useful to see where the community stands.
  20. Remember, 1.9 changed the attack stringth. so if you turn off the cooldown, you could spamclick with a super strong axe. It would be unbalanced. -1 (and yes i do pvp and i love the new 1.9 changes now you need strategy insted of jitterclick)