Attack Speed PVP Arenas

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  1. So here is what i'm thinking.. One arena would have the attack speed delay, and one wouldn't.. It would basically a 1.9 PVP arena and a 1.8 PVP arena but in the same world. Thoughts?
  2. How come? -1 doesn't really help .-.

  3. The attack speed was added in so that you CAN'T spam click, and taking PVP and then ruining it for those of us who want to play the game the right way is just pointless.
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  4. +infinity
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  5. That's the whole point of the different arenas. Many people dislike the 1.9 pvp and like 1.8 pvp. If you would rather have the cool downs, you can go to the arena with the cool down.
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  6. Keep it vanilla, there shouldn't be 1.8 and 1.9 pvp in EMC. To put it clearly, I don't think it's logical at all to appeal to the lower population of EMC community that are pvpers because they think the 1.9 combat mechanics are broken.

    But of course with more complaining it can be done.

    As for your idea
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  7. "Let's not appeal to the EMC pvpers at their request to a change for the PvP arenas." That makes absolutely no sense. Other than PvPers, no one uses them. The vast majority of us, (97% ish), want to remain in 1.8 for PvP as opposed to 1.9. It's kind of like banning building above ground because people who live underground asked for it.
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  8. Well if we used that logic then we might as well now add gears back in for those that want to use them. And perhaps we make the hunger bar no longer exist, and instead eating food directly heals you. And maybe we could add in the ability of spawning those weird "Human" NPC's by pressing a key. It's not logical to keep features from w past update. Especially a change as major as this.
  9. You and PDJ don't make up even 90% of EMC. Sure, people don't like the cool down. But it's NOWHERE NEAR 97%. Adding -ish doesn't usually mean 50% difference, but I guess it does in this case.
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  10. As much as I hate 1.9, I gotta -1 for this one.
  11. I can't quote things on my phone for some reason.

    @seanawesome14 how exactly did I get brought into this? lol
  12. I get the idea but don't think it would work. 1.9 didn't just change the attack speed, it also changed the damage that weapons deal, added shields, gave extra effects to swords and axes, brought lingering potions, changed arrow dynamics, etc. It was a complete overhaul of the combat system, with every aspect of it carefully planned to work together. Picking just one part of the update and removing it (the attack speed for ex.) would break the whole thing. Axes, for instance, would have the shield smash attack and deal much more damage than swords all while having the same cool down: not very fair.
    The only way this could work would be having an arena where all mechanics were 1.8 and all 1.9 items (shields, lingering potions, etc) were banned. But honesly, it's too much work for something that not that many people want, so not happening.
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  13. Penguin read my post. It's obvious.
  14. Nice idea, but for the vanilla aspect to remain maybe a new pvp server could be add up for both 1.8 1.9 or even earlier versions. (probably never going to happen since pvp is not in EMC's gameplay much)

    +1 who knows
  15. -1. Biro summed it up. I didn't read their entire post, but I think they summed it up.

    1.9 changed more than just attack strength. You are just sort of chopping an arm off a zombie with your attempt to fix the problem.
  16. We all wanted 1.7 back, now we all want 1.8 back. Good pvpers should be able to adapt. Train don't complain.