[APRIL FOOL] SMP8 Independence - Spring/Summer 2017

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Hashhog, Apr 1, 2017.

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  1. i agree totally and whole heartedly!
  2. you can click "Add another server in the screen" add smp8.emc.gs or what ever the new IP is, and play in town for the rest of the smps, and play legit survival in your outpost on smp8. Easy enough. A person can be part of more than 1 server, ya' know?
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  3. They were Norse/Danish chieftains - aka viking rulers. For example, there were four Jarldoms in Anglo-Saxon England during the Viking Invasion that were ruled over by Jarls.
  4. Ok. Let's just say this is real then players that have multiple accounts with maxed residences and want to stay with emc as a whole need to move off of smp8. That means Senior Staff needs to get busy moving residence's so these players who have gotten support vouchers to get max residences need to move all of them to other smp's. They should not be forced to loose everything they have worked for because of smp8 defecting from the rest of emc....this is absolute stupidity to expect players to be happy about this.
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  5. res moving server to server(well smp8-->EMC) are free during this transition period
  6. First thought: gotta be April Fool's!
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  7. Is no longer April 1st in London, nor any country to the right(in timezone)
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  8. The EMC servers are likely in the same room so I dont think smp8 can even break away in the first place.
    This is an april fools joke.
  9. Would actually be possible. If you don't know already, Servers are ran through Spigot , Essentially a platform for servers, that allows for the installation of plugins. If you have multiple servers there's a thing called Bungeecord that allows you to link them together. To remove SMP8 from there making it independent is quite easy, All it would take is editing a file to remove the SMP8 IP from EMC, Change the SMP8 IP, Then remove SMP8 from the /smp menu in-game and remove all EMC propaganda from SMP8. SMP8 would get to keep all plugins and file as technically all SMP's are separate servers. (Don't quote me on this as I've never used Bungee before, Just from what I've been told and read)
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  11. Time to come clean, yeah smp8 independence was an April fool.
    I would like to thank LuckyGreenBird for using his demotion to add flavour to the joke.
  12. pls repromote now I like green ;-;
  13. If you would like to be staff please fill out an application here.
  14. That feeling when you thought LuckyGreenBird's demotion was just a plot device... but then find out it wasn't :(

    Anyways... I wonder how many more people are gonna fall for my April Fool's day joke :p
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  15. Done
  16. good job, ya'll, lol
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  17. Don't do it Davie. This is our chance to ditch the dead weight.
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