[APRIL FOOL] SMP8 Independence - Spring/Summer 2017

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Hashhog, Apr 1, 2017.

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  1. i love hate to say i told u so

    but i told u so
    where my money at foos

    jk betting is against the rules right pls dont hurt me
    *disagrees in Spanish*
    *agrees in Scottish Gaelic*
    *triggered in German*

    *makes post in my brexit thread*
    Even the poll numbers were (almost) the same.


    Just because they voted to leave doesn't mean you have to bully them :(
    Oh, how I wish Brexit was an April Fools.
  2. Frik this man I thought it was real, <overreaction> [Scream]
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  3. Buy a calendar.
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  4. Well maybe you should shut up and think about wat you just said, because not everyone is perfect and knows everything. Do you expect us to be lke, 'Robots' with 60 GB of ram and 1k GB Of storage?

    Think again about what you just said. Shut the hell up with your nonsense.
  5. That goes toward synth.
  6. This is the part where you say "Oh darn you got me!" and fume in private if you need to. No need to dig a hole and embarrass yourself.
  7. But I am still the Zar of fish though, right?
  8. You will forever be the Zar of Fish :)

    *side note, locking thread as this has run its course - so much fun though! Love our community!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.