Applying for mod?

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Is their a way.

Yes, their is. 24 vote(s) 88.9%
No, sadly their is not. 3 vote(s) 11.1%
  1. What are the requirements for being a mod, because I heard EMC needs more staff.
  2. This thread summarises it quite well
  3. You gotta be prepared to have no fun.
  4. Well that's obvious lie. I don't where you get your source of information where no fun is allowed on Emc staff but I have fun everyday being part of staff. Yes we have help players who are sometimes overbearing but that's comes with the part. Overall being staff brings be joy helping people is fun for me.
  5. *slow clap*
  6. There are no requirements for applying to be a Moderator. All you need is to be prepared to help people and be active.
    P.S. Also you need to be ready to have lots 'o fun!
  7. Is their an age limit?
  8. Its more about maturity than age, take me for example, I'm 16, but most 4 year olds are more mature than me
  9. Generally, they try to avoid judging people by age, but they prefer if the staff are 16 or older. That doesn't mean that they completely cast aside players who may be younger than that, because usually the age isn't an important factor.
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  10. Because I am 13
  11. As I said, they judge your maturity level more so than your age; there have been staff as young as 15 years old, I believe. It explains some of this stuff on the app itself, so I suggest really reading through it as you fill it out. :) Good luck!
  12. I did.
  13. their* heard*

    A herd is like a herd of animals.
  14. gg
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  15. Who are you correcting? lol

    If you're referencing the original post, then it wouldn't be 'their', it would be 'there'.
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  16. Does it really matter?
  17. lol I just wanted to beat Dj__Krazy

    I was referring to the poll :D
  18. 900x900px-LL-b31690bd_Nofunallowedrobot.jpeg
  19. Helps show 'maturity' that's a fact lol
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