Anti-Griefing Update

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  1. Hello everyone! Exciting news for those in the wild!

    As promised on the Community Feedback Response thread here, we have now made Fire not damage blocks in the Wilderness/Nether.

    This means Griefers can no longer use lava or fire to destroy creations. They must do it block by block.

    This will prevent wide-scale griefing, resulting in any griefing done to be much easier to repair.

    But there is more.... Our logs we use to identify griefers just got a massive boost in information! Nearly any form of griefing will now trigger a log in Square on the griefers record, making it very easy to look up exactly who griefed a block.

    This means if anyone gets griefed, we will pretty reliably be able to identify who did it and ban them.

    Everyone who prefers to live in the Frontier should now feel a little bit safer... Not fully protected yet, but we hope this will give a little more breathing room until the Empires update.
  2. Yay, No more Fire/Lava Greifing, Keep up the Good Work,

    First :)
  3. Wonderful news :D
  4. now you just need to fix the voting bonuses XD
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  5. My math self is excited to see such nice numbers in your rupee total lol.
  6. Those numbers are intended.

    Essentially, you just got all your rewards you was missing and was needing to reach a new high to get.
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  7. ikr? just nice and neat numbers
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  8. Woohoo! Thanks Aikar!! :D
  9. Wait so does that mean if we need to do large scale destroying of forests, we have to do it by hand...?
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  10. Part of me is a bit concerned with this.. breaking things block by block is what we didn't want griefers to do. You know, because lava and fire are logged. In the end, people still get griefed here, and the server has to store more information—information which has stated in the past to be cumbersome to store.

    Stopping lava/fire grief doesn't help the people being griefed and it doesn't immediately help the staff deal with griefers. Logging everything, if it can be done efficiently, is certainly not a bad thing.. but removing the practical functions of lava and fire only restricts the people who are using it in a positive manner.

    (To discourage people from arguing the validity of this restriction... Efficiency V axes and pickaxes will utterly destroy structures regardless. Covering things in lava, while not destructive, still covers things in lava. Lava is exactly as offensive to nonflammable structures as it used to be.)

    tl;dr (aka my intent): griefing is bad, restricting lava/fire does not stop griefing but limits positive uses of those things.
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  11. Lol yep!

    And that is exactly how it should be. IMO :)
  12. Awesome update! :)

    Though they most likely won't see this, I consider it fair warning to griefers who think we don't know who they are. Now there is hard evidence to back the hammer.

    Just because you can, doesn't mean you are allowed to.
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  13. Burning down forest is a use case were willing to sacrifice to reduce griefing.

    If someone poors lava on a wooden structure, a single bucket could bring a massive construction to ruins with 0 effort. Now? The player can simply go remove the source block and wait for the lava to dissipate, and bam, nothing destroyed!

    As the post mentions, we can identify griefing far more than lava and fire now, and the logging was done in a way that won't cause any lag.

    The only people who will be affected by this update is griefers and pyros who want to burn down forest... but we don't want users burning down random forest...

    The only time a player should be removing a forest is if they are out in the Frontier in their own land they want to expand into -- and this is far from a common scenario....

    Plus, breaking the trees with Eff Axes and collecting the wood/apples/saplings is a better idea anyways.
  14. Very nice, thank you.

    Are beacons now tracked, so I can use them in the wild now ?
    What about Iron blocks ?
    I have wanted to use them in the wild, but have been too concerned about griefing.
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  15. Awesome, thanks for the update. I might be able to go public with my outpost before DragonTombs and wild residence protection is implemented :D.
    Btw, once we have the wild residences, will we also be able to open shops there?
  16. Awesome! :D
  17. I have a question.. does this mean we can't make little fireplaces? Or does the fire NO longer do damage? Or does blocks no longer can be lit on fire? If they couldn't, what would happen to starting nether portals? I would love to have some comfirmination on my 3 questions.
  18. We will not say which blocks are logged, and which are not. Obviously because it is better griefers don't know what is safe to break and what isn't. :)

    Beacons (and furnaces, crafting tables, jukeboxes, brewing stands, dispensers, enchantment tables, cauldrons) can be 'locked' in the wild, and it's always a good idea to do so with valuables anyway. Though they may be logged and the griefer banned, that won't get your valuables back. :) Spend 500r and lock it.

    I use beacons in the waste a lot while mining, And always remove it when i log out or leave. I've not had any issues with loosing them. Just don't leave it lying around when you are not there.
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  19. You can light a fire using a flint and steel.
    Fire just doesn't consume the block, or spread to other blocks.
    Lava does not consume any block. (although I assume it will still knock off switches/buttons and consume dropped entities).

    Does Lava still ignite blocks on fire? (even if the fire does not consume a block, or spread to other blocks)