Anti-Griefing Update! 8/15/16

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by Aikar, Aug 14, 2016.

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  1. i'm extremely happy about this! :D
  2. I look forward to the vouch control and thank both you and kryssy for seeing its necessity with this update <3 thanks for the updates as always :)
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  3. My hat off to you dear sir. And I mean that very seriously because you made this even better than the original idea, and I'm not only impressed but also very excited about it too because this gives us players even MORE freedom in doing things! (note for random players: the original idea focussed on the group leader, Aikar picked up on that and.. see above :)).

    This is going to help outposts a LOT, and I think even more than some may realize right now :)

    A little spam (sorry):

    If you (random player) want to get a more on-hands guide (with examples) about anti-griefing then you may like my guide right here (part 3, which includes this awesome new feature) is coming really soon:
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  4. Maybe I missed it somewhere.. I assume stuff like lava, water, etc is not protected? Maybe that stuff is covered when land claiming comes out? Also I noticed that creeper explosion do not affect protected blocks. (That is awesome btw) Does this also mean that endermen cannot pick them up either? My build at my outpost will use a ton of dirt and if they can pick it up, it could effect the build.
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  5. he said things that physics apply to would not be affected, crops, falling sand, and liquids were some of them i think
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  6. Just deployed a new /f canvouch|vouch <player> <auto|yes|no> command to mirror the blockbreak command.

    You may turn off your PS so no friend gets it by default, and then selectively allow, or vice versa and give to all but take away from a few.

    Also, I went through all the material list and added even more to the automatic protected list (note: only blocks placed after this update will be automatic, if you placed them before now, and did not use /buildmode, replace them.

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  7. Right, protecting on that level is a bit much (we don't know who placed the water for example when it gets 5 blocks away from source)

    Stuff like that is best to wait until proper Outposts.

    But I am working on an update so that things like Doors and other things that can 'pop' when a block is broken will prevent the attached block from being broken even if its not protected.

    Couldn't finish it in time tonight, and i'm about to head to beach for the weekend, so it'll likely be next week before that can go out.
  8. Does the endermen thing fall into this as well or have you made it so they cannot pickup protected blocks?

    EDIT: I tried to be nice and work something out with the endermen..

    Negotiations have failed :(
  9. Creepers are blocked because they can be lured and used as a tool for griefing to get around protections otherwise.
    Enderman however, can not be controlled in the same way, so they are not affected since its a vanilla part of the game.

    creepers exploding your builds is a big part of vanilla yeah, so that is a negative, but preventing player based griefing is far more important than letting creepers destroy, as it would undermine the entire anti grief system.
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  10. That sounds awesome. It was actually an issue I was about to address in the next part of my guide. I'll be sure to mention this as well :)

    In my opinion this is better done at your own pace than rushed. Besides, we already have plenty of other new features to play around with (I can't wait to put group buildmode to serious use!).

    Anyway, I hope you and your family will have a great time at the beach!
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  11. Def agree about the creepers. Was just curious about endermen. All good though. If there are no spawnable areas they shoudn't ever be there.
  12. whats the build in the pic?
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  13. I never thought I would see the day...
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  14. more pending work: I'm setting up a system of multiple ownership to a block. So group build mode I will change to no longer select an owner , and instead just assign everyone in the group as an owner of the block.

    This will also allow staff to set ownership to areas to multiple people, and then it can propagate to anyone on the lists chain of trust.

    This will alleviate the concerns about group build mode where players cant even break their own blocks afterwards.
    Once the update is out, you will always be on the list of any block you've placed.
  15. I like the idea, it would definitely prevent possible abuse of players who place blocks which they can no longer remove afterwards.

    Would it still be possible for the official owner of such a building to apply to Senior Staff to (re)set this to single protection? Reason I ask is because I could imagine that it might get harder to determine who the official owner of such a building is when it initially got build by an entire group.

    Yet on the other hand I can also imagine that the official owner might want to use this service because not only do the group members retain access to the placed blocks, all of their friends could also be able to break them, which might make the amount of people who keep access to such a building pretty large.
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  16. I think im only going to do the trust chain to the original placer, so its "standard trust chain" + those who were in the group at the time.

    And remember, just because someone's on the list doesn't mean it's ok to grief it. The goal of the system is to reduce undesired breaks, by limiting the list of people who have access.

    If you trusted the people in your group to make a group build project, it's highly unlikely they are going to turn around and grief the project they helped create.
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  17. Personally I like it better the way it is, as opposed to joint ownership of the blocks through the group.

    I think thats his secret base :D
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  18. Although true this is not really my main concern, it's about the same thing which those other players were worried about: losing (some) control over your structure (instead of the placed blocks).

    So I'm wondering if a hybrid solution would be possible: instead of making everyone in the group co-owner only add the person who placed the block as co-owner, so next to the designated owner.

    This would take away the concerns about losing control over placed blocks and would also make it pretty obvious for Senior Staff who actually owns the building (because he'll be the co-owner of all placed blocks). So if the 'official' owner wants to remove all co-owners then he can simply apply the senior staff service and there would be no doubt about who owns what.
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  19. Would it be possible to keep the option to assign a single group owner? For example if you get a bunch of people to help you build something at your outpost, you would still have full control over the blocks when they leave. This way you can ask anyone to help you and still keep block control to those on your list.
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