Announcing: Empire Issue Tracker

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  1. EMC is proud to announce we now have an issue tracker!

    What is an issue tracker you may ask? It's the same thing as Mojang's bug tracker:

    Bug/Issue/Ticket system... all the same thing really! (I just really prefer Issue :p)

    You may access it here: - Click login as guest if asked

    However, our issue tracker will not be open for anyone to post to. Mojang's issue tracker is full of duplicates and junk, and we do not want the same to happen to ours. Also, were limited to 10 users anyways... so we can't!

    So, to keep our tracker clean and organized, we have established a small team from the community to post issues to it from the community.

    These members are: AlexChance, JackBiggin, and Silken_thread.

    These members will keep watch on the forums for bugs and report it to the tracker for us.

    If you have a super secret bug like dupe exploit, please send it directly to admins, but these people are the ones you can go to to report general EMC bugs.

    They will then search to ensure its not already reported, and file appropriately.

    If you send a PM about a bug, ensure to add all of them at same time AND admins.

    Thanks to this tracker, it made it alot easier to track and resolve bugs... and the next update is fixing 16 bugs!

    Enjoy :)
  2. Wow, thats fantastic! I do know this little nether glitch, that can safely bring you back to spawn, you might need to know this. A while back, there was a way to actually get to that place, but that got fixed. But with Ender Pearls, its still working.
  3. Interesting...
  4. first

    Edit OMG im third that quick!!
  5. Ooh, very nice. :D
  6. Awesome! A much needed update. :) Keep up the great work! :cool:
  7. already filed, will be fixed eventually
  8. Hmm Intresting :p Tracking ......
  9. Oh, thats good :)
  10. Nice job aikar!
  11. Great work Aikar, the increased bug fixing speed this will provide is going to be really nice. :)
  12. Just going to emphasize on this part. It's really important that you add us all in the same PM!

    (I will actually cry if you don't)
  13. You have picked an excellent team to do this. =)
  14. Congratz to Alex, Jack, and Silken! I'm sure they'll do a great job!
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  15. Why don't they get a title under their name on the forums? And maybe a colour? :)
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  16. When you pm us as listed above ^ to report an issue, pls proved as much information as possible, screen shots also if they help.

    Otherwise Jackbiggin will be crying :p
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  17. Great idea! Thanks guys for helping out your fellow EMC citizens. :)
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  18. I guess now we all know why :p
    Congrats "Bug Catchers" or whatever snazzy name you guys will go by :p
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  19. #ConspiracyRevealed
  20. Kind of doesn't make sense to have just 4 people be able to report bugs, All people should be able to report bugs on the tracker.