An Album by me :D

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  1. I just recently (last night) finished the last touches on an album I have painstakingly been working on the last few months. So I hope you guys enjoy it. :)

    the Album is titled - :F (Colon Eff)

    Because it looks like a walrus :)

    there are 17 tracks that run about 58 minutes. And the whole album is free. So I hope all of you guys like it. If you have any questions or anything about it. Hit me up.

    All of the pieces were composed by me. Days of work went into some. Lots of hours into others.
  2. No singing. Probably a good thing...

    But yeah, the bits I've listened to so far sound epic! :-D
  3. cool
    EDIT: i hate u jack, im never first
  4. oh.. yeah.. instrumentals only from me.. I am not a singer.. but I like to have background music.. and so thats what I make. Alot of my stuff could use vocal accompaniment i am sure :p.
  5. Spotify PLOX! XD
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  6. ...? what?
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  7. You could make a song and get Cow to sing Milkshake by Kelis over the top of it, it would certainly be unique...
  8. Put it on spotify. >.<
  9. Very nice Smooch!
    Mp3 PLOX :p
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  10. they all should be downloadable from soundcloud.
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  11. Amazing. Simple Amazing!
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  12. ... there is alot that has to be done to put music on spotify.. more than iTunes almost.. and all of that requires an intial investment from me. and while I would love to see my music get more popular that way, I do not have the funds to put up for an UPC which is required to have downloadable music that is "purchasable"
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  13. Mm Ok
  14. What you make it with?
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  15. I use a multitude of sound editing software and plugins to get the sounds that I want, then use FL Studio to create playlists (the finished tracks you hear) of arrangements of those sounds.
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  16. Awesome Smooch! You should put it on YouTube!
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  17. why would i put these on youtube? seems kind of weird.. since I have them right there.. on Soundcloud. Maybe I am missing something.
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  18. Hmm, if you put music on YouTube, it will get more known, so more people would listen to it. I think....
  19. i guess.. or.. you guys could just share that link up there with your friends :D.. that is just as useful.
  20. I think I will share it on my Skype, got 45 contacts there :D, and, if you want it uploaded, my channel is availeble. :D
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