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  1. It is almost my two year anniversary with EMC, and I am still as in love with this server as I was the day I found it. I thought "I wonder how much I have changed in those two years". My first thought was that I hadn't really changed at all, but then I went back and looked at my first thread ever posted here, and boy was I wrong.

    I thought if I were to write that now, it would be extremely different as I provided no real background to who I really was. Besides the point, since that post, there has been a drastic change in the way I write because I've learned to love writing for others, even though I'm sometimes not the best at it :confused:. I've also grown up a lot since then, maturity wise and physically.

    Over these two years though I have learned two things about myself. One is that I will never finish a build on this server like the pig trying to get the carrot on a stick. The other is that I have found a wonderful place on the internet for me to always come and interact with a fantastic community even if I take long breaks (Which I have before).

    Anyway, the whole reason for this long-ish rant is to not only brag a little bit about being on this server for 713 days now, but also to ask the rest of the community to share their thought and what they've learned or enjoy about this server.

    FREE STUFF (Closed)
    As a little gift for reading my post I will give away 50k rupees. All you have to do is leave a response to what I asked above and then I will add your name to a wheel. After about a weeks time, I will add all the names that responded in time to the wheel and spin it. I wish everyone luck with this :3
    *You do not need to be a certain age on the server to participate, everyone is welcome, also it doesn't have to be as in depth as my post*
  2. I have grown as well since I joined, but then again its been over 2 years for me as well :) (started on a different account). I would say I have improved as a person, and I think it happens to all of us. Congrats on almost two years.
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  3. I joined in january 2015, when i was still in middle school. looking back now i was much more positive in a naieve sort of way back then, I trusted people more than i should have and thought they would return that with respect as well. eventually, through experience, i learned that i shouldn't expect so much from people, and even though that sounds pretty pessimistic i think that helped me appreciate more the people who actually do care about me.
    anyway grats on two years on emc, here`s to many more :)
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  4. Congrats, Phelps :) I joined a long time ago, and my thoughts from this would be that I think I've changed a lot too. So much so that I don't even look at my first few threads out of sheer embarrassment! I've always enjoyed being here, the whole economy aspect and the friends I have made here are great and I'm happy to say that I'm a part of all this. When I first started, I had no idea that it would all turn into this! So much good has come towards me, thanks to EMC :D
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  5. First: I'd like to request that you leave me out of the give-away. I think it's awesome of you to organize this, but I think there are more deserving players out there than me. I also don't want to give out a possible impression that I write this because of the give-away, I just want to congratulate you and well... Join in on the fun!

    You know what always amazes me? Learning that some players who I perceive to have been on the server nearly forever (long before me) are sometimes not that much older than I am. In some cases even younger!

    And I can only say: so much the above! I'm younger than you, a bit less than 650 days (I don't know the exact amount from mind) but your love is mutual. This is the best and most inviting and exciting server I ever set foot on.

    Ha, ha, this made me laugh :) Because, you know what? The same somewhat applies to me as well. Some things never seem to get finished :)

    What I mostly enjoy about the server is the fact that it's plain and simply Minecraft with a few added perks. I can really play the game as I'd like, and I think it's also one of the most mature & fun servers out there.

    I also like how the staff gets regular players like you and me involved as well in order to try and help 'm out with making the whole thing even better than it was before.

    You already said it much better than I can right now, but yeah: EMC is one of a kind :)

    So yeah, congratulations on your upcoming 2 year anniversary, on to the 3 years! :cool:
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  6. I joined about 550 days ago, and this was the first server I had ever joined. I've played Minecraft for a (very) long time, but I always used to play in Singleplayer mode.
    I have definitely changed a lot since I started to play Minecraft. I've developed more of a sense of trustworthiness, as well as became more social since I started playing EMC.
    Congratulations on two years!
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  7. It's been almost 5 years for me, and I've seen the server and a lot of players come and go. I remember when the first malls were made, and I always idolized the people that made them because they started a project and never gave up, they pushed, and therefor they succeeded. I started and dropped at least 30 projects since I've join the server, and it made me realize that I more enjoy coming on the server and talking with people, than started a project and striving to finish it. I enjoy helping the people, I could care less about the payment. What has kept me on this server, even though I'm pretty much burnt out on Minecraft is the wide variety of players, whether it be the toxic, that come and go, or the caring and kind people that stick around, no matter what.

    Edit: I can't talk.
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  8. Bump!
    Also I'm loving reading all the responses! :3
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  9. it has been four years since I’ve joined, and I’ve not only learned a lot about this server, but also in general. there's heaped a lot in my real life (if you want to know what, send me a PM, it's quite a long story) and I think I'm just another person now, I'm way more hyperactive and calm at the same time. I’ve stared reading Dutch literature. And I’ve stared with reading all the holy books (I’ve read the bible and “het evangelie van boeddha” (Buddha’s Gospel) so that I know why people are doing what they are doing. Something else I found out. Is that I’ve learned English. At the moment I started with EMC I really didn’t know about anything about English, well, I was learning it for about 1/2 year those days, at a very low level, since it was the mandatory English everyone gets in the Netherlands. Now I’m doing “voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk onderwijs or VWO gymnasium” which is about the hardest there is. And, I can tell you, it also has got quite good English class. Something else that changed my way of playing EMC is that I stared with bigger projects, projects that probably will never get finished, which is the reason I like them. The last thing I see is that I’ave got way less time for EMC those days, since I’m doing that kind of schooling I mentioned before :)
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  10. Bring up my post :p
  11. Congrats on two years! I have changed a lot i remember when i started i used to walk into my sisters room every 5 minutes to ask her questions about EMC like "what does Smp mean?". Now i know a lot more about EMC and the rules and how everything works, and i can put that knowledge into helping people who do not know anything about EMC. :)
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  12. i havent changed at all. :)
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  13. Gratz Phelps , I dont really think I have changed much in the nearly 2 years I have been on EMC, neither have I finished a project that I have started :confused:, the only thing I have changed is that I think I am more talkative to the people on EMC, when I first joined I only really talked to Totostyle ( I know him irl) but now I love having a chat to anyone on this server :p
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  14. Will you have a physical wheel or is it some kind of electronic application?

    I've changed a lot since I came here as a 13-year old.
    I've learnt to read, write, hear and speak English, but moreover, I've learnt to be social, help people, make other people happy.
    And although it's not only because of EMC, EMC definitely played a big part in it.
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  15. Congrats on 2 years!

    I started playing MC only on SP since it was a downloaded copy. Since joined EMC I've learned that EMC has ruined SP for me :D The custom items are nice but it's not stuff like that. It's little things like how blocks of the same type will group to 1 pile vs. SP where they all fall separately. Just little things that EMC made and makes it far better then SP ever was. Same goes for other servers. I've never found another that I play on more then a few minutes/hours. No other offers all that we have here. Only exception might be skyblock lol It's about the only thing I play SP on. If that was added to EMC, that would be amazing.
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  16. I was an 11 year old child when I signed up here. I had started secondary school about 5 months earlier and I was friendly with everyone in my year, but only had one actual friend (whom referred me here and played with me for about a year). I thought I knew everything and I wanted to go get my exams done because I thought I was immensely smart.

    I'm now 16 years old and started college nearly 2 weeks ago. Since I've signed up on EMC I've realised I'm not as smart as I thought I was, I've been diagnosed with a learning disability, my anxiety disorder has gotten worse, I have a very large group of friends (currently sits at around 10-15 I think :p), I have friends who I've made here, the friend who referred me here I no longer see in real life at all, I'm no longer friendly with everyone I know, I have a lot more confidence in myself, I listen to way different music (11 year old me would kill me for my love of 'mainstream shit'), I've developed political views, and I'm a happier person. EMC has played into a lot of that, so I guess that's something I've learned about this server - it's a positive outlet for your thoughts and feelings and a great place to come for advice.

    I'm also no longer some kind of "my country could curb stomp your country" raging nationalist my parents (my dad at least) tried to raise me into, so that's good. The only thing that could make me hate the UK more is if we started ethnically cleansing the Irish, Scottish and Welsh again :}

    EDIT: I also recall writing here a few years ago that I'd never give in to peer pressure. At 16, I'm still very good at resisting at peer pressure, but not as good as I was making out when I was 13-14. I would very gladly smoke or drink (I drink semi-regularly lol) if a friend asked me if I wanted to do it. There's limits I would put on myself though, and I don't break or bend easily when it comes to things like that.
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  17. Electronic because I don't have the time to make an actually one even though I would love to. All of these answers are great guys <3
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  18. When I first joined here, I was in the second semester of my first year at my High school. And the only known about Minecraft through the cracked version I played on. I used to be more pessimistic and was very arrogant. Now I am a more open minded which ideals that have been shown on EMC since I join here...
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  19. I joined almost 5 years and I have grown in many ways from EMC wise, to more social... I used to be knows for the smp6 afker as i was always afk on the server for some odd reason haha. Some may say i never finish builds, and that i will never finish them my time on emc, but I can prove you wrong, with 12731 and 12845 hehe (Evil Laugh). I also have posted many threads and the more i am on here I tend to write more in threads...

    I will continue to stay on emc, for as long as i can and help the community in any way i can...

    Sorry for the late reply, Been so busy with work, school and other's irl related..
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