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Do you prefer Medieval or Modern?

Medieval 13 vote(s) 56.5%
Modern 10 vote(s) 43.5%
  1. I'm Phelpsy! I would love to meet new people and play with you all. Don't be shy if you see me on, say hi! I'm always up for suggestion for builds and what not.
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  2. Welcome to the Empire (if you're new, that is)! :D So you're a builder? That's pretty awesome, as I myself as a terrible builder, so I tend to look up to you buildy-types. :p
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  3. Welcome! I've seen your house and I love it.
  4. Thanks DJ! I like to think I'm a builder but I'm awful without inspiration xD
  5. Welcome! I notice your favourite console game is AC. What console do You play?:)
  6. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  7. I play Xbox mostly, I'm trying to save up my money to buy either a decent computer or a Xbox 1 with AC Unity
  8. i see another Pennsylvanian. :rolleyes::cool:
  9. Amish country FTW. What part of PA?
  10. i live close to the Pittsburgh area ( aka Gotham City ) ;) because batman! :D
  11. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  12. If you feel bored, feel free to join the mumble server... (aikar.co)
  13. Ooh, Assassins Creed. I thought AC meant Animal Crossing, and I was like "Huh? Xbox?" :p
  14. Lol if I could play animal crossing on a consel, I probably would xD
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  15. *ahem* Gamecube... ;) Actually I snagged my gamecube, animal crossing game, and the unique animal crossing memory card this past Saturday!

    Welcome to EMC!
    What smp are you on?
    I voted for 'medevil' as I love castles, however some of the modern builds like skyscrapers and the 'Frank Wright' type builds amaze me.
    Hope to see you around in game!
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  16. Also on the Wii...
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  17. My residence is on smp6 and I don't have a gamecube or wii anymore
  18. Anymore? Why did you get rid of them?
  19. They just weren't the type of gaming I enjoyed, also my brother had one so to have 2 seemed silly to me