A Note on #Brexit

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  1. The UK has voted to leave the European Union, much to everyone's surprise. Our Prime Minister, David Cameron, has resigned - his replacement will be decided by Conservative Party members, which stops 68% of the country deciding their next PM. I'm hoping a general election is called for. The economy has went belly up in recent hours and it will only get worse. Scotland voted entirely to Remain and was quick to begin demanding a new Scottish referendum - whenever they get it, they won't be voting to stay as the UK this time.

    So that's it - the economy is in turmoil, we're going to experience serious political upheaval at the moment, the UK is likely going to break up as early as 2017, and England is out on its own with Wales. I can't see Gibraltar staying with us now either. This is how the UK dies.
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  2. That's the initial shock, I guess it won't stay that bad, I guess it is going to stabilize somewhere in between.
    But uncertainties are big, that's for sure.
    It is a deep cut for all of Europe.
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  3. Yep, economy just went pear shaped. This isn't great. I am hoping that they call a general election, though, as I don't want the party to just put in whoever they feel is "best". I'm not sure how that would turn out... Apparently it's going to take two years to leave the EU.

    Not sure if you've heard, but Nigel Farage said live on TV that the £350m that was supposedly coming out of the EU membership and was going to be put in for the NHS was a "mistake figure". There's a video on the internet from Good Morning Britain...
  4. That £305 million was actually closer to something like £109 million last time I checked.
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  5. Honestly I think we'll be crawling back before long. I think the way to go is to hold another referendum in 2018, when the young people who are outraged at this now can vote and the leaving deal is finalised. The only people here who voted to leave are the middle-aged and elderly. The young people and those too young to vote are very angry.
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  6. I'm just reading this, and going all "uh-oh..." :/
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  7. This is so much to read and so boring but I did make it to the second post. The United states supports UK staying in the EU? is that the citizens(yeah right) or is that our oligarchy of leaders?

    The people of the united states have a really big problem with the EU, its this little massive thing called NATO. The enforcement police of the UCC, or the "global petty laws." I know I know, the UCC is the governance of kings law and does this and that and the other. Like the US tax code, its so verbose that reading through all the articles and statutes of the UCC would be impossible for one man in one lifetime. That's not really conducive to commerce/trade.
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  8. Not exactly loved by most people in the US either)
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  9. People here think NATO is a cancer too. I personally would love to see the UK pull out of it and watch it disintegrate, but it seems like we decided to do that to the European Union instead, which until February we actually liked and the next generation still like and are very pissed off right now.
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  10. but the middle age and elderly knew what britain was like before the EU
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  11. (Yes, I had to type this via memory... :p)
    Don't we all use violence sometimes? Do you think Ronald Reagan dropped a bunch of bombs on Mikhail Gorbachev when he visited Moscow multiple times to talk to the leader?

    Well, I don't know what I got myself into...
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  12. The elderly? Maybe. The middle aged? No.

    Anyone older than 65 knows that the UK was going down the shitter until we joined the EU in the 70s.
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  13. Question: As an American football lover, will this at all affect the EPL? Just curious.
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  14. Depends if we keep free movement of Europeans or not. I'm guessing that it's likely. The only way this would affect the EPL is transporting players in/out of the EU, I'm pretty sure, if that's ever an issue.
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  15. It may be an issue in the future for transfers, especially for Manchester United who seem to always be interested in signing someone.
  16. You know more about football than me. I'm not a reliable source for stuff like this :p
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  17. Seeing as how Manchester United almost always massively overpay and spend millions on players, I'm sure it won't make much difference. No worries :p
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  18. That's so true... Then they just sit on the bench.
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  19. The problem is that, when they think of the past, they think it was much more fun back then.
    But that's just because in the past they were young(er) and because they've simply forgotten most of the bitter parts.
  20. Was interesting in college this morning... A sort of.. Dull mood was in the air. If you were telepoted to that point in time you would know something had happened.

    On Wednesday We held a mock vote (because even though it is our future too we still can't vote on the matter) and guess what. Pretty much a landslide for stay. Funny... Oh well. What is done is done. People like those i spoke of last night (still hopeful of staying) are happy. As you said Punisher. It is likely that Scotland will now leave. Maybe even Northern Ireland Hopefully we can void through this and come out clean.
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