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  1. Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom have been announced as the final Conservative party leader candidates. Both are equally rubbish. Looks like we're going to have a second female Prime Minister, and while you can't beat Thatcher in terribleness, these two come pretty close. The next four years are going to be absolutely terrible for freedom of speech on the internet and the refugee crisis, and yay austerity and warmongers.

    Brexit has been detracted from over the past day or two due to the Chilcot report, which has exposed former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair as pretty much a lying war criminal terrorist. We all knew it, but now we've got confirmation he's scum. Hope George Bush gets it next. Fun.

    Andy Burnham, a Labour MP and member of the Shadow Cabinet, has passed a vote to secure the rights of EU citizens living in the United Kingdom. The vote was a victory - only 4 MPs voted against it.

    Plans of Angela Eagle launching a leadership contest against Jeremy Corbyn are pretty much not happening at this point. The party rebels have admitted 'it's finished', as he has the support of the vast majority of the Labour party's members and pretty much every trade union in the country and refuses to resign. It helps that his speech on the Chilcot report made him look, for possibly the first time ever, a true leader and potential Prime Minister candidate.

    There was also an anti-Brexit protest this week that the Liberal Democrats showed up at. Meh. I think the vote should be respected, but it's kind of looking like the threat of Scottish secession, what our economy is suffering through at the moment, the problems with Spain over Gibraltar and the potential Irish upheaval is going to make the government declare the vote void.
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  2. Thanks leave voters, the woman who did this is now our Prime Minister:


    She also hates freedom of speech, doesn't understand how the internet works but wants to monitor you anyway, and will fight against what you want to do with your body, even in private places nobody can even see you. She is so much like Thatcher (or as we call her in the North, 'the witch'), even in the way she has assumed power and wants to sound like she cares for the working class (taking advantage of the opposition fighting itself, for example).

    Hopefully not for long, as there is a big push for a general election being passed through the House of Commons and the general public are in favour of having one.
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  3. Bumping if anyone even cares anymore.

    The first effects of Brexit are being seen. Article 50 will be triggered by the end of March 2017, attempts by the remainers to maintain closer relations with the EU have been pretty much ignored - sometimes told to flat out 'shut up, this is democracy (yes because 49% has a large margin with 51%, right?), and we have an authoritarian as a Prime Minister - a woman so, so, so very against freedom of speech its uncanny. This authoritarian PM is mapping the locations of foreign born children across the UK so she can readily deport immigrant families when the time comes, and has stated she's going to be deporting the workers and doctors to get British people to do those jobs - she doesn't have a plan for how she will supposedly 'home grow' new doctors. And with £9000 a year university, her government decreasing spending on the NHS and sending it to collapse, as well as the people rich enough to get trained as doctors and nurses moving countries because they're overworked and underpaid in the UK, she's dreaming a pipe dream.

    Living here just feels so, so very pointless. Anything the remainers want will be shot down by shit-for-brains nationalists who voted leave, and they're the pricks in government. I cannot stand this country anymore. Like Theresa May, I live a pipe dream too - moving out before we leave the EU in March 2019. I don't know if that's going to be possible for an 18 year old who will have graduated from college about eight or nine months and likely working some retail job or something, but I'm going to try. I'm going to try as hard as I can to do that. And if I can't, I guess there's other ways to leave the country forever :rolleyes:
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  4. We need people to clean out the stalls at churchill downs, if you are looking for work. A lot like the UK they are very rich and pay their employees very little. Which, of course has a lot more to do with the UK's problems than participating in a continental pyramid scheme. It's weird how worked up you are getting over brexit. It only makes sense. Seeing as the EU is more regulation than economic incentive. Seeing as the queen owns more land than any other person in the world. The UK's troubles don't stem from leaving the EU, it stems from greed and corruption within the UK. Leaving the greed and corruption of the rest of europe isn't exactly a step in the wrong direction. I have shit for brains though, supposedly, so I guess it doesn't really matter that I think you have been brainwashed by your political parties agenda into looking at things completely irrelevant to the problem and to hate those that disagree with the narrative. ;-)
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  5. Yeah, it makes sense - a person who would like to see a federalised Europe (or at the very least a Europe that works together) and wants to move to another EU country has a right to get worked up over this. Brexit has screwed up my plans and I have the right to be pissed over it.

    Another thing I'm rightly so pissed about is that they're deporting all of the European migrants - most of my god damn family are European migrants and I sure as Hell don't want them frigging deported and disallowed to live in the country they've lived in most of their lives.
    Which is usually used purely for tourist revenue as a result of the civil wars. I wouldn't exactly call her greedy - for a Queen anyway. She's quite humble and is loved by Commonwealth (or as a Brexiteer would like to call it, the 'Third British Empire') citizens.

    Sure, I agree. But leaving the EU has caused a lot more - the resignation of a Prime Minister, the opposition party revolting against their leader and trying to get him to resign, racial/ethnic abuse and hatred legitimised overnight, a woman who hates freedom of speech and thinks the solution to ending the refugee crisis is to sink their boats and send them swimming 'back to Africa' or some shit, the profiling of every foreign family in the UK, Ireland and Spain wanting their historical territories back, Scotland wanting to secede again, the UK likely going to lose its great power status at the end of this - and Brexit will cause more and more greed and corruption within the UK as we're going to be turned into a tax haven for the rich, at the punishment of the working class (me).

    The political party I pledge allegiance to I disagree with on many issues - sometimes I even question why the Hell I'd vote for them, and its current leader has advocated leaving the European Union in the past and said it was the reason for a lot of Europe's problems. The MPs were split on the issue of leaving the EU, and its core voters voted to leave. The only thing that 'brainwashed' me was myself - I was hardline anti-EU for years and look through my post history and you'll see me arguing with 72Volt over how corrupt and evil it was. He had better knowledge of it than me and was pro-EU, I wanted equal or better knowledge than him to stomp his pro-EU points into the ground.

    So I researched. I came to realise it has its problems - a lot of them, but it was a good thing. There's stuff I found out your average voter would never know. They voted on the basis of "they take money off us that can be put into the NHS" or "I want to kill immigrants but that's illegal so let's deport them" - the figure of money the leave campaign sold to people was a lie and the actual sum is completely fair in relative to the UK's GDP, they came out after they won and said "lol sorry but we lied and it wouldn't go to the NHS anyway", and the government wants to join the EEC with Norway and Switzerland - you have to accept European migrants and abide by EU laws in that anyway so what the Hell is the point in leaving?
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  6. Pound's value dropped dramatically (again) this morning.

    It's also been announced that foreign academics will be barred from advising on Brexit simply because they're foreign.

    Didn't know I could be more dissapointed and disgusted with my country until just now.

    LPT: Don't be British. We're xenophobic arseholes.
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  7. But if you read more than the headlines, you'd know that the dramatic part has nothing to do with brexit.
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  8. To be fair, we were forced to give up Northern Ireland, it was that or live under British rule, just saying. Personally I'm for a united Ireland as long as it can be obtained through peaceful means where no one gets hurt.
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  9. I know that. I'm in support of a united Ireland also. Such a reunion would not come without blood, however - the UK didn't have that 70 year civil war that only ended in 1998 for nothing.

    The Pound is now the worst performing country in the world. Wooo!

    Unilever are also raising prices of their products due to Brexit, Tesco refuses to sell them at a higher price. R.I.P.

    Aaaanywayyy, Scotland will be publishing a bill next week that will allow them to have a second independence referendum before the UK leaves the EU. Last time Scotland had a vote on their independence they voted to stay in the UK on the basis the UK wouldn't leave the EU. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. I'm pledging my allegiance for a Scottish leave result.
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  10. Parliament have voted against protecting the rights of EU citizens living and working in the UK, shocking even some of the most passionate leave campaigners.

    A UK-based company - Smiffy's - has moved its headquarters to the Netherlands as a direct result of Brexit, after 122 years of being based in Lincolnshire (one of the areas that mostly voted for Brexit). http://www.independent.co.uk/news/b...oves-leaves-uk-europe-hq-exodus-a7371956.html

    Also, a funny article on how absolutely irrelevant the UK is to the EU lol

    Somebody please tell me why the government thinks a 'hard Brexit' is a good idea? It's ignoring what 49% of the country wanted and isn't good for the long term. It's suicide.

    And I want to reverse a statement I made a few months back on this thread. If you voted leave, I do not respect your decision, especially if you now regret it (like the majority of leave voters).
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  11. It has now been confirmed Theresa May needs Parliament's consent for Article 50 to be activated - we can't even begin to leave until Parliament says so.

    Parliament is almost 100% against Brexit. MPs may vote for what their constituency voted for, but they don't have a good track record of doing so. Plus, Brexit regret is a thing and it kicked in the day the result was announced - if it's shaved enough of leave's votes off like it's believed to have done, Brexit ain't going through. If it does make it through the Commons, the Lords will likely just block it.

    I honestly find this quite hilarious.

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  12. The pound is doing better because of this announcement - it essentially just put Brexit on hold and we don't know when it's going to continue. See - as soon as we stop doing 'deport all the immigrants' and saying dumb shit, we do better!

    On another note, Nigel Farage has hinted at starting a revolution if we don't do Brexit. Americans may remember him from appearing with this other pig-faced nutjob and spouting bullshit:
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  13. *speaks to nothing*

    It's estimated that an approximate 120,000 leave voters have died since the referendum - the generation gap is showing. The majority of the people who voted leave probably won't even live to see Brexit actually happen, but the ones who wanted to remain will. That's screwed up.

    Brexit is also being debated in the Supreme Court over whether or not Parliament should be able to vote on it. Theresa May, the Prime Minister, wants to activate Article 50 when she's ready and not have it be passed through parliament (using royal prerogative) - up until yesterday, she also wanted the entire leave negotiations to be done in secret, but caved in to the Labour Party's demands that the process be open. Not passing the vote through Parliament would be unconstitutional (the second time she's broke the British constitution since she became PM). The result of the supreme court case will be announced in January.

    Also, some good news for once: the EU will offer British people continued European Citizenship. It appeals to those with business interests in continental Europe, and the young people who didn't vote to leave and now want to flee a United Kingdom that is tearing itself apart and slinking away into isolation. It's assumed that the British government will vote on it - which presents a problem, because according to Theresa '[word I can't say here]' May, 'Brexit means Brexit'. She's very dedicated to saying that, likely because she doesn't have anything else to say because what little of a plan she has and the secrecy she likes to keep around even that tiny little bit. And also because the current government are borderline fascist lobotomised idiots and I'm assuming they want their ethnic purity and their spying-victims to stay in the country.

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  14. ^ It's only unconstitutional if the court says it is. Until then you can only allege that :p
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  15. It's thought that the government's use of prerogative has been ruled as unconstitutional - which the government have privately admitted to themselves. That means Brexit has to pass through parliament - the actual process of even beginning to leave, the leaving terms have to be agreed on, everything. Poor old Mrs. May can't get her way.

    In other news, a European Parliament member has stated that they'll be helping Scotland retain the UK's membership status, and/or giving extra negotiation time if Scotland needs to secede. If you could extend the Scottish border to Liverpool, that'd be great. :rolleyes:
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  16. And all the way down to the south coast would be much appreciated
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  17. We'll just make a few places down there become Scottish territories ;)

    In other news the UK Independence Party misspent EU funds on ways to make the vote swing towards Leave. This is illegal. Here's a petition to fine them lol.

    Also here's the type of thing they used this money to make (everything on this leaflet is lies):
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  18. good ol propaganda used to brainwash people for centuries
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  19. Not that it's even proper propaganda. I could make that in about two minutes using Microsoft Word.

    If anyone ever needs a propaganda artist, hmu.
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