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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    Edit: I messed up the spoilers.. I hope I can clean it up a bit Edit± It´s better now. At first every spoiler was in a spoiler or something weird±P It´s still weird, but click every spoiler, some are empty, but for example there are two second spoilers with different things in it And by the way, I reached the character limit too.
    .It has been a year!
    Should I do a giveaway maybe?
    But I love to write, and when I start typing I can go on and on and on. Should I write a story? I like stories other people write in each case. But I'm no good writer. Maybe I should. Just see what I can remember! It may get long though. Ah, who cares. There will certainly be someone who wants to read through. And then the giveaway after that? Ah, maybe. I'll need to have 5k left though. Now to find out how to make spoilers.
    Now, what could I write about? The forums, in-game, maybe quote some old things. Fair enough. So, when I joined I thought I would only be in-game once in 3 months or so, cause I didn't want to keep switching from snapshot to 1.4.6, when you understand. I found EMC by clicking the wrong button when using the achievement generator, and that was the best wrong click ever! :) Then when I made my forum account the next day I accidentally downgraded my minecraft.jar, and I thought, well, take that as an opportunity to check out this empire minecraft. I had been on a few servers before, but for like four times and then left, cause I've always preferred single player. So I did the tutorial and had a great time. There were some kind people around that helped me starting with seeds. I had big dreams of a farm I was going to make.

    That dreams became truth when I met AndrewBryer, who helped me making my farm great and professional. 2013-03-13_19.31.22.png After that first time he came back and helped me several times, with for example a better cacti farm, huge sugar cane farm, and a tree farm(that I eventually took down because I didn't like how it was set up:oops:) On the forums, my first posts were in rainbowchin's 1.5 snapshot thread.
    It was my first favorite thread, also maybe because it was the first thread I posted in a lot. On my first days some JackBiggin also made a post on my profile, and later, when I got to know the people better, Jack and Alex seemed like the non-staff people that just acted like they were staff(in a good way, of course).

    Shall I make another "spoiler"? My words seem to run away
    Where should I go now? I've been on an outpost, but didn't really like it and left, and March I made my first auction, 3 DC's of sugar canes, a bid of 7k won. A important moment for my stay on EMC was Lasluin. I was the first person to comment on the thread first announcing the lumpy pumpkin in end january, and I helped her out by donating pumpkins, buying milk and such whenever I could.
    http://empireminecraft.com/threads/...umpkin-pub-inn-suggestions-are-welcome.20957/ February 23th it got officially opened, and it was all fun and things.
    http://empireminecraft.com/threads/restaurant-the-lumpy-pumpkin.21984/ April 24th I held my 14th birthday giveaway. Maybe I made a mistake by adding an element to it that was a little bit like a lottery, but everything went well and I learnt something:oops: I made a quick summary of my friends, and when I read it back I feel a little embarassed, but oh well:p
    Lasluin even gave me 5k for the prize money, so that was cool as well.

    Let's take a break and gain energy for...
    Where should I write about now? I can't make up my mind... With 60,000 forum members I made a thread, and thus beat Aikar to it:D
    http://empireminecraft.com/threads/60000-forum-members.24207/ Later I've earned lots of rupees by auctioning off the few 60000 member armor and tools I got, and and I have something left, somewhere... (*hint hint Deathtomb) In june I thought I would leave. I was bored, I said. How?? :confused: And then, when I thought "let's check the forums for the last time" I saw Alex posted on my profile, I had won the voter's blockXD So happy with that, I lost it within a month(lag I think, not sure what exactly happened though), but it made me come back to the empire, and that's very important. In july I noticed Las had leaved. I'd seen her less recently so I made a post on her profile, but I saw the lumpy pumpking being reset in-game. I missed Lasluin, but got a new friend, AliceF3. At least she's a nice friend, I think:) I tried to contact Lasluin, and eventually I succeeded using tumblr. Eventually, just recently, she came back to say she didn't want to leave so sudden. And now I see last friday she made another post. Will she come back? I don't know, but I hope so. In october I finally got one of my best IRL friends to come with me, he knew about EMC for a long time, but just somehow didn't dare asking me if he could join;) I'm happy that he's here though, he isn't online that much, but we created a little base in frontier and I got him to come with the christmas tree event. Oh yes, the christmas tree event. That was fun too. I set up a present for born_ego and one for aliceF3, and it was the best time I've had on EMC, that evening. It may also be cause I normally can't go anywhere, because for GMT people like almost everything is at mid-night -_-

    Maybe I should stop now:p I believe I have to go from home, but I'm not done yet! D:
    Well, I'd better hurry. A giveaway, right. How much money should I give away? Well, maybe I should just give away the most that I can really miss, because I like to have at least a little money, but other people will like to get money too;) Okay, here goes, 20k? Does that sound right?
    Yeah, fair enough.


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    Number 50

    Oh, before I forget, AMA's are also always fun. It's just like truth or dare, but without the dare I think? I'll try to answer anything, in each case when it isn't inappropiate(IRL things don't count as inappropiate, but don't ask stupid things like what is the middle name of your youngest brother>.<)
    Oh, I forgot something, when I got the voter's block and came back, I also noticed that AlexChance and JackBiggin became moderators, like I mentioned I thought they had to be at the start. Meeeh, my words mess upppp.
    Time to end the post.
    I love pigs
  3. #6 How did you find Empire Minecraft At firsT?
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  4. Congratulations on 1 year! :D

    That reminds me, it's almost my two years...

    EDIT: I'll go for number 14 :p
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  5. Uhm, congrats I guess? (seriously my special keys are messed up. When I try to do * I get (, and for * I need to type a square bracket)
  6. I, woops, I mean 607 did mention it, he accidentally clicked on the wrong home button when playing around with the achievement generator.
  7. 13# Do you love pigs? :p (I went there).
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  8. Congratz Ill take N.8
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  9. Congratulations :)
    Have you had any interesting dreams lately? :D
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  10. Congrats! I'll take 33! What is your home SMP#?
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  11. 20
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  12. Shhh...
    I've had a feeling for pigs since viewing some children movie about a talking pig, and when playing minecraft that feeling stays:p Even when slaughtering pigs for xp I think they're cute. I remember one year ago I said something like "When I grow up, I wanna be or a pig or a girl. Yes, sometimes I can be very weird>.< But my friends told me it wasn't so easy to become either of those:p Anyways, I was just playing with the spoilers - they behave weird for people that don't know how to use them:confused: - and needed something to put in there
  13. I want to be a girl >: )
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  14. 16, please. What did you see when your eyes were opened?
  15. 28 please :)
    What'd you spend your first rupee on? :p
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  16. 26 plz
    is smp2 the best server (Hint: Yes)
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  17. 42. If I have 23 apples and sally has 38 grapes, how much wood can a woodchuck chuck while being airlifted by a unicorn? Is nick pretty?
  18. Sorry. Like Olaf said, using electronics one hour before bed time can disturb brain waves And it's true, since I got my iPad from school I haven't nearly dreamt as much. But I have been way more active on the forums though;)
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  19. 7, was the children's movie about pigs called "Charlotte's Web" I read the book in kindergarten..
  20. 29, How is EMC after 1 year?