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    SMP1 - 1919

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    After delaying it for weeks, I now am very happy to announce that the Lumpy Pumpkin is open and working!! You can see the making off and a little explanation on what this is here. I tried to recreate this lovely pub from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

    Opening Raffle
    for a limited time!!
    To celebrate it, I will be holding a little raffle using Random.org. Everyone who visits the restaurant and purchases any of our delicious desserts and dishes will get one participation. There will be 5 possible prizes, you can see what they are when you visit the restaurant. I will check the Rupee History but a message here will be much appreciated and will ensure that your nick participates.


    You can come and retrieve your prizes at the Lumpy Pumpkin ^_^
    1. jacob5098
    2. HylianNinja
    3. jessteriscool
    4. pat2011
    5. AmusedStew
    6. Nikaryry
    7. Rosy2696
    8. sonicol1
    9. Mrlegitislegit
    10. metalchain2
    11. pyro_vampiress
    12. dukeenzo
    13. callummiskelly
    14. MinecraftZT
    15. Runningrhino
    16. WolfThunderblade
    17. 607
    18. daulton03
    19. Ahzeriel
    20. ThePieNinja3000
    21. fermat8
    22. LadBlo
    23. kevdudeman
    24. Hasorko
    26. Pablo890c
    27. TheMiniKins

    The Raffle will end next Friday at this same hour.

    You are welcome to buy as much as you like but only one purchase is required, and making a large amount of purchases in order to buy the entire shops out of stock to prevent others from participating will get you out of the raffle.

    The especialty is Pumpkin Pie, and I am also selling Cakes and Cookies, Bread, Mushroom Soup and Baked Potatoes. We serve drinks as well -potions of Swiftness, Regeneration, Fire Resistance and Bottle o' Enchantment- but only at nights and when there is staff available.


    The Pumpkin Pie also offers the unique possibility of earning rupees completing the Pumpkin quest.


    Bring your friends and have fun singing on the scenario! Chill out under the light of our fancy chandelier or take your order outside and enjoy the stunning views.

    There soon will be coming more fun features so be sure to check up for updates! See you at the Lumpy Pumpkin ^_^
  2. This is AMAZING! great job, ill pass by ;)
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  3. :confused: ... lumpy... pumpkin? that is a hell of a goofy name :p but it looks awesome! :cool:
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  4. Lasluin... Since I already bought half an inventory of cakes am I entered? This place is awesome!
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  5. I must see this. I wish I had a computer with me right now......
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  6. Yep, all those who already bought something are already participating, I will be adding a list in spoilers in no time.
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  7. Woop! I bought so many cakes!
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  8. Juu sell caik? Yay! I will definitely pop in and buy your pumpkin pie, cake and plenty other deserts! :D
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  9. The name and design comes from Zelda I think >.>
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  10. Exactly, all credits and complaints go to Nintendo xD
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  11. Just finished a little rainbow rollercoaster that looks pretty pretty on Rei's Minimap xD

    And also, I've noticed that many people go there and buy but no one says a thing here! I should have make it obligatory :/ you lazy bums...

    BTW I also would like to thank those who buy milk, but guise... The raffle is for the Lumpy Pumpkin shops! XD oh well.
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  12. Was happy to visit it again! :D
    yummy cakes :rolleyes:
  13. This is THE most whimsical, wonderfully planned, and enchanting residence that I have ever had the pleasure of exploring on EMC. I am proud to say that this residence is a part of my home server! Oh, and I bought some pumpkin pie, and would like to be entered in the raffle please.
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  14. I just can say that my heart made "puff!" like an Angry Bird after hitting its objective xD thanks so much, I'll update the list when I get back to the laptop.
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  15. I also had fun completing the pumpkin quest, and I would like to use this idea for my own residence. Is it ok if I use this concept?
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  16. Looks amazing!
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  17. I am already entered in the raffle?:p

    I didn't know it was not officially opened yet.
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  18. Wow! I remember this game! I used to run and crash into the bar to break the bottles and stuff :D
  19. Of course, the more quests and fun features we have, the merrier hehe.

    Ops xD maybe I should have PMed some of you because as it started so long ago, you could have lost track. I'll see to it before it's too late or maybe extend the raffle over the weekend so that I can reach workers and students in their free time.

    Chascarrillo xD if we ever get flags for specific items in the residences, I'll make my flower pots breakable and place some every once in a while :p I've already collected tons of clay just for that xDD
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  20. I was never added to the list of participants...