Skyward Sword Lumpy Pumpkin Pub-Inn - Suggestions are welcome

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  1. This is going to be my business here, as I don't want to run a random shop of random stuff, I want a LoZ related restaurant and as pumpkins is what latest LoZ titles and Minecraft have in common, nothing like the Lumpy Pumpkin for this.

    I've only started the skyland which is aready giving me problems, as I'm not a very organized builder. To help me, I dowloaded some 3D planner which has solved everything and now I'm so happy I can't wait to start :)

    I'm attaching the preview and the schematics I've made using this planner and I was hoping to have some advice from experienced builders or some "yeah, you doing it right" if I'm on the good way xD

    By the way, it will be floating over my Lon Lon Ranch which is finished because it is very simple and it would be awesome if someone wanted to sell me some cheap pumpkins and orange wool, or donate buying for a reasonable price the premium Lon Lon Milk, freshly milked and bottled with lots of love.
    LumpyPumpkin.png PlanCalabaza.png
  2. This is a very cool idea.
    When it's done, I will be sure to take a look.
    On what res are you?
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  3. i'll donate some rupees to you, this is a worthy endeavor!
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  4. Thanks a lot! And that's right, I forgot about adding my res number :p it's SMP1 res no. 1919

    Now I see I'll have to add some parkour or rollercoaster around it to have a bird view of it, for we do't have loftwings to fly above it hehe.
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  5. I bought milk and tried to sell pumpkins, but it won't work.
    Maybe you have to just put 8 S instead of :8 S on the sing, so without the :
  6. oh, I'm sorry, it works now, I think I did something wrong
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  7. Hey make it a floating island in the sky :D
    EDIT: woops it is going to be floating :p
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  8. Oh dang it, I've got a lot of trouble with shops hehe, thanks for buying the milk! This is how it looks so far:


    Seems like it's going to work out!

    EDIT: Yay thanks a lot 607! I was in need for more pumpkins and yours were just like rain in the dessert hehehe.

    It'll be floating Noah, I think I might even add a layer of white wool underneath so it looks like it's on a cloud too :p
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  9. can i rent a room or be the cashier :p
  10. Sure! I'm going to add magic rooms that fit in a block wide room xD (teleports to underground, fancy rooms) and once the skysland is finished I will add a great feature for anyone who wants to work and make some money either harvesting or selling the pies they make themselves.

    This is the live map view, I love how it looks from above, it looks like a real pumpkin :p 1919.png
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  11. This is really, cool I will definitely be checking it out. :)
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  12. Looks interesting. I like the design. Maybe check if you either do a more organic looking flying island or take of the dirt and use glass as plattform (pro organic -> you can ahve a garden and it still looks good from below pro glass: good view and from below you only see the flying pumpkin restaurant.)

    I will get you some stacks pumpkins. Also I will check on the milk later ^^

    hf :) (also if you want to get people visit you often, think about a concept what interests them. (Roleplay, discussion groupes ...)
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  13. Looks really amazing! Nice job lasluin! I will be sure to check it soon!
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  14. The glass concept sounds very interesting, the only obstacle for it is the little storage basement that the real Lumpy Pumpkin has and as I want to be loyal to the game I will add there. But I like the thought of having a view from below so instead of the white wool cloud, I'll probably make a layer of orange wool and pumpkins with the shape of the Pumpkin so that it can still be viewed from ground level. Thanks for the idea!

    What I thought to have people interested in visiting it is setting a public automatic farm where they can harvest some pumpkins and sugarcane, get eggs from cuccos and sell them back to me or sell their own pies to customers. Easy money seems to always be the thing to get public :p

    A more elaborated and probably complicated thing would be a... uh, hmmm, I think I'll keep it a secret to everybody for now :p But that would be kind of hard heh, I'll have to think of it slowly.
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  15. So, almost done with the Lumpy Pumpkin, now I still have to figure out some more things to do there so that people visit it. It will be open soon, I'm very happy for all the people that has been visiting and supporting while building, EMC surely is a nice place to create and share stuff with people ^_^
    I like how in this one ^ the words on the sign look kinda Hylian xD
    2013-02-04_19.18.56.png 2013-02-04_19.19.27.png
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  16. awesome
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  17. Oh well, there it is, now I need to find a good day to open it and maybe some give away to promote it. I'm going to use this thread to show Noah how the Loftwing Statue would look like, I'm afraid it might be a bit too big to make it a reallity in my res but the idea was great.

    It would be a teleport with the beacon Ahzeriel gave me yesterday (*____* yes, yes, a beacon *_____* I died and resurrected today >__<), and it would look something like this:

    with the beacon beam going out of its head xD It doesn't look exactly like this
    100px-Bird_Statue_Skyloft.png but it kind of does the trick xD I'll see if I can find an open space to actually put it there because I love the idea.
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  18. cool if u need help tell me
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  19. don't hesitate to ask
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  20. Yay!
    I did it!
    I completed the pumpkin quest!
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