60000 forum members!

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    We got 60000 forum members! I waited long for it, but it's going really fast all of a sudden. I will do a little game. The first five to reply to this will get 1k each. Tell me what you think about this. Do you think all members are active, or more than half just made an account and never used it? Tell us what you think about the forum members!
  2. More then half made an account and never use it. It's a sad truth but it does show how many people have passed through the server or how many are currently with it . Either way, Emc is a huge growing community that I plan to stick to for a long time
  3. Half made an account and are inactive on forums, unlike the other half the active forumers.
  4. don't forget the other 11769 people who joined before the forums were required

    We are at 71769 members :)
  5. hi


    I just wanted the 1k :p..

    I think that this is awesome but It doesn't seem like there is 60k ACTIVE members, more like 2,500 on the forums and 20k..
  6. YUS! 70,000! I like Milestones... :)
  7. *Starts a vote that all Members get 60k to celebrate*

  8. So, southpark347, Mindlegokid, Aikar, Jeanzl200 and princebee are getting 1k.Edit: when I forget to give it to you, please remember it to me:) I will try to do it in about 4 days or so.
    Okay. So, I think it can't be possible half of the forumers are active, cause less then 5% of the people I welcome when they make an account are saying something back or something. It is possible that they read it and just ignored it of course. I can believe there are 2,500 active members. But I don't understand the last part: "more like 2,500 on the forums and 20..." It looks like that sentence isn't finished yet. So, the forums are required, and people have to make an account on the forums. When they do that, they don't have to come back ever, but some of them will do. Then, how many forumers will actually vote? I think not all active members are voting every day. And, maybe there are members that are in-active on the forums, but still voting? A lot of questions.

    Anyways, it's of course still a great milestone, to have 60000 members that even looked on the site of EMC!
  9. I got 6 likes already! But, do I deserve that? I did not make the server as good as it is now. We should thank the awesome staff for making EMC as great as it is now!
  10. Oh, and I gave the 1000r
  11. Not too sound greedy but I didn't receive any payment, checking rupees history not in-game. (on iPhone)
  12. Thanks you said that, I checked my history, and you were right, I forgot you. I'm sorry... I will try to remember to pay it you later.

    1. Today at 5:40 PM
      Payment to princebee
      - 1,000


    2. Today at 5:40 PM
      Payment to jeanzl2000
      - 1,000


    3. Today at 5:39 PM
      Payment to aikar
      - 1,000


    4. Today at 5:39 PM
      Payment to southpark347
      - 1,000

  13. Umm, what about Mindlegokid?

    Anyways, i believe that too many ppl tell their friends irl (who have MC) or on another server to come to emc to get the starting money and torches and saplings and whatever and then tell them to give it to them in exchange for something irl or on the other server. Personally, I believe thats the main reason why so many accounts on emc are never used. :(
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  14. I meant 7 thousand in game, I don't believe 20k players in game.

    now 7 thousand sounds too much..
  15. The real big occasion is 75,000 registered members
  16. Lol whys your balance going up?
  17. It's not. It's the way he numbered it, you start from the bottom and go up.

    Also Aikar and others have a good point.
    We have to remember:
    There are accounts of banned players, never removed.
    Some people join but don't use the forums, some people join and apparently only use the forums.

    There are those who joined before the forums came along.
    Some people have alts.
    People join and are in the Military so they end up deployed/busy and can't play.
    People do like to take breaks from Minecraft.
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