2012 EMC Christmas Vote-a-thon!

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    Congratulations to PandasEatRamen for winning the grand prize of 15,000r!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all
    Thanks to everyone that voted and everyone that donationed for making this contest a success! :)

  2. Keep The Voting High! 10k Will Be Donated And I Will Do A 5k Giveaway If We Reach Number 1!*

    *before Christmas or New Year which I ever I choose.
  3. Thank you very much! So fast too!
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  4. *votes* *doesn't realize he needs to take a screenshot* Damn it >.<
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  5. If you go to the webpage, if it says "you have already voted today" and it shows the date in screenshot, I will count it
  6. And remember guys, title of PM MUST have your name in it otherwise it will be deleted and ignored until you get it right. Must read the whole thread too.
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  7. *Finds it from me...*
  8. will do as soon as I get on my laptop ^.^
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  9. Awsome,Ill donate 5k :D and vote too ;)
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  10. Any know how to get rid of multiplied spoilers? Thanks thestar :D
  11. Yeah. When going onto a new line within a spoiler tag, hold:
    SHIFT then press ENTER
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  12. Thanks but it only worked once so I'll just go without :p
  13. Nothing you can do really except contact them :)
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  14. Do i post a picture on here or in a Private Message? And do i just put it on imagur?
  15. Read the whole thread - in PM and yes :)
  16. :( I wonder why I am blacklisted.
  17. Remember to get your votes in as early as possible - now! :D
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  18. The purple text makes me think that Max edited that in lol :p
    But PM sent :)
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  19. Er, language.
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  20. If we vote everyday & take a screenshot everyday, can we post multiple screenshots on the same day. So lets say I forget to post it to you in PM but I voted and screenshot it am I allowed to post to screenshots and still receive tally for both?