1 Million Blocks Competition

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  1. Hey all.

    Warlockmii is hosting a competition and I'm helping.
    The rules are you need to get a million blocks north from the wilderness spawn.

    No teleporters.
    You ARE Allowed To Team Up With Other People.

    Is Costs 100 Rupees To Enter.

    The First Person To Get 1 Million Blocks From Spawn Gets ALL The Money People Paid For Tickets And Another 50,000 Rupees!

    Make Sure Me Or Warlockmii Are Online And Tell Us If You Reach It.

    We WILL Check The Live Map To Make Sure You Are Not Lieing.
  2. Well... this sounds like a challenge...
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  3. You only need one thread. Please have the other one closed.
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  4. I will totally attemp this not do this sadly because my legs will fall off If you run/swim for 1 million blocks
  5. Is there a start date? SMP? Teleport 10k to the north outpost? Can we use the Nether? Potions and What not?

    I would like to participate. I may donate if this picks up steam. I can't do it on smp 4 or 8.
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  6. Edit: I meant please have this one closed, as this is supporter only:p (cant edit because my phone freaks out -_-)
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  7. Particular smp?

    I'm assuming mods are disqualified :) - but if its on a particular SMP i'll put something out there for the winner.
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  8. Yeah... I'm not sure why, but I get the feeling that teleporting is cheating slightly..
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  9. Must you capitalize every word in every sentence?
  10. Deleted the other, moved this to the events folder.

    More or less i've got to come up with something to build out there for whoever makes that trek.
  11. Its On SMP7. Potions Are Allowed. No Nether. No Outpost Tp.
  12. A wither
  13. Capitalization FTW
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  14. I suggest having it start at the north outpost, it will be easier to track that way.
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  15. please, ICC will spawn an army of them :p
  16. Also, as a suggestion in improvement to the contest;
    Perhaps (if possible) when a player claims to have made it, you could ask a Mod to verify if they have indeed made it that far?
  17. The start is at the North Outpost on March 1st, you can use potions but don't go to the Nether
  18. can we use outpost then go 1010000 blocks out?
  19. There is your answer.
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