1.9 Update!

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  1. Heya Everyone!!! I heard some exciting news for everyone that doesnt know already to know!! On February 25th, 2016 the 1.9 combat update will be released to minecraft! There will be so many new things added!

    Comment why you like or dislike the 1.9 update, And what will be your least favorite and/or favorite part of the update!
  2. Favorite: Elytra. Those things are absolutely amazing!
    Least favorite: Combat changes
  3. Im excited for the update! There will be so many new features added like shields! I heard that you can combine a banner with a shield to make the shield have that design! Also there will be those cool arrows with a potion effect on them! Also...sbout the end having these towers with some parkour in them and i think there is stuff at the top XD so many new things!!
  4. I don't like the combat changes, but I like everything else. :)
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  5. Favorite Feature> Command Blocks
    Favorite Feature that I can use on EMC> Dual Wielding
    Least Favorite Feature> This was Difficult, but I think it may be some of the sounds, like the chest...
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  6. I'm super super excited for elytras. They are game-changing.

    Seriously they're faster than anything short of spamming ender pearls for long-distance travel.
  7. .. lol the only thing i don't like is how there is already 15 threads about this in the last two days -___-

    please for the love of minecraft please search for threads before you make yet another of the same thread.
  8. combat changes are going to be bad for manual mob farms as you can't spam, but i like that it brings more skill to pvp not just make a strong finger by spam clicking and eating apples

    new texture for zombie villagers, i like it. well all the end stuff of course and igloos are amazing.

    I also like how people are now going to diversify in arrows
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  9. It could also benefit farms, considering you deal damage to all mobs close to where you swing instead of just to one mob. It's a small amount of damage, so I don't know how effective it is because I haven't tried it yet.
  10. is just 1 hit point(half a heart) to surrounding mobs. and it doesn't happen always
  11. my fav is the arrows they will be expensive but it will still be awesome
    I don't like the cool downs on shields or really anything about the combat (accept the shields themselves)
    Cool thread pixel I like it
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  12. forgot to say that now with the new boats now you can drift and maybe race?
  13. Likes: Skeleton Horse (possible Halloween promo), new crops to farm :p

    Dislikes: Long walks on beaches, holding doors and sunsets.
  14. You need a high pillar for elytras to be launched, not to mention crashing into a cliff and experiencing too much kinetic energy.
  15. not necesarrilly, there are many ways to go 500+ in y in seconds...
  16. But the shields rock, and so does everything else in 1.9. And I am tired of people winning pvp cuz they have better mouses.
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  17. I am excited for having the ability to now fly in circles, instead of run.

    thought I would leave this here.

    I am disappointed that boats are not rename-able.
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  18. Haha I'm aware, if you check my post history I've made a tower design.
  19. The one thing im not looking foward to is probably the skeleton horses, because you walk up to them and skeletons spawn on them and then ya just run :p
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  20. Based purely on observations I made just now, it does do it every time. They have to be near each other, you must be walking or slower, and your attack strength much be full.