1.4.6 Update

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  1. Performance
    Massive update done to performance. Every core place of EMC functionality has been modified and could have bugs now, so please report them to Aikar ASAP, but extensive testing and review has shown everything should be fine.

    Fireworks have been modified in EMC. In an economic viewpoint, they are ridiculous as you could potentially be shooting 20,000 rupees into the sky for a 3 second effect.

    Therefore, fireworks have been given an infinite use "rule" on EMC, meaning using them in dispensers or by hand will not consume them. When you buy a firework, you are buying the ability to launch that specific firework. There are thousands of possibilities to create with colors and effects, so many to collect!

    Fireworks can not be sold using traditional chest shop means. A new feature has been added to Shop described below to assist in selling them, which I will explain below.

    Fireworks have shown to not cause much of an annoyance factor, but they have been limited to require 'use' permissions to launch on another person's residence.

    Please do not leave Automated Firework Launchers running 24/7... Do them for events only then turn them off. If found running them 24/7, we will take action.

    We will adjust fireworks as necessary should we find the need in the future.

    At this time, DO NOT put fireworks in the vault as they will lose their specifications. We plan on making a vault update one of our next priorities to fix this (and other similar issues).

    Shop Updates
    The bug many enchanters have been asking for to be fixed is now fixed. Items can now be sold with 3 and 4 enchants on them, including enchanted books. If you use the item ID + enchant code as /iteminfo tells you to, it will no longer translate to the name and cut off the code, it will stay as the name.

    Additionally, a new feature has been added to assist in selling Written Books, Fireworks and renamed items: You may write [ slot ## ] on the 4th line of your shop sign to indicate a specific slot in the chest to sell.

    [ Slot 1 ] will sell the very first item in the chest. Use this feature to sell fireworks and Written books.

    Entity Limiter
    Adjusted so that its not so thick in the wild with monsters. Still full, and more than vanilla, but tuned it down a bit.

    IMPORTANT: Auto kill has been enabled! This means if your area/residence is over the limit from pre-limiter being in place, the system will now remove the excess and bring you to the limit. This was warned months ago, so everyone has had plenty of warning, and the limiter is now stable and accurate to turn this feature on.
  2. Cool!
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  3. Assistance in selling books!
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  4. a new way to ruin the economy: endless fire works
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  5. Ruining the economy taken to a whole new level! :D
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  6. cool thanks aikar keep up the good work
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  7. The economy is Ruined!!!
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  8. Yes! Thanks Aikar!
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  10. Finally animal killer update - been waiting for that one :) lag should be reduced a bit now from that :D
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  11. Yes! Happy 1.4.6, EMC!
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  12. Yaa! You saved the economy again! :p
  13. -_- Milking this crap still? I know his initial redesign shop system proposal was kinda outrageous, and I know that this is now an ongoing joke on EMC, but seriously, give the guy a break! Without Aikar EMC would not be what it is today, so stop complaining.
  14. so in the wild i have a current ent count of 222 for animals and 46 for monster putting me over the limit. wel the auto kill slay monster or animals in this event
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  15. Depends on the order they are loaded into memory really, but due to monsters despawning and spawning, they are likely the newest and more likely to be removed.
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  16. I think at this point it's an inside joke making fun of that situation. We give him crap in the staff channel everytime he says anything about anything. :p
  17. Aikar: 'So i just coded for like 3 days straight and redid all of the core code for EMC'
    Everyoneelse on Staff Channel: 'Shame it has to ruin the economy though'
    Aikar: ' que que'
  18. I gladly take the title of economy destroyer.