1.17.1 Caves and Cliffs part 1 Update 9/6/21

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  1. My other mining partner is now a dev... *sniff* They grow up so fast, I'm so proud of you!

    Haha, all in seriousness, I'm really happy for you Moople! Congrats on the new status! :D
  2. will there a new promo for 1.17.1?
  3. There is, type /promo 117 Moss, Dripleaf and something else I think but that is our promo for both 1.17 and Labor day.

    The devs have been working very hard for us to enjoy this server and I am greatful :) Keep up the GREAT work guys!
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  4. Got the 117, just wondering about 1171.
  5. The answer is no then.
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  6. Bummer. I'll just have to wait until 1.18 comes out.
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  7. We don't usually do promos for updates. More like special events and holidays
  8. I thought since 1.18 was a major update, it might have promos on dripstone or glowberries (wish list).
  9. How does the bone feature work? Do I use an ordinary bone? I tried using a bone to check my build in the Waste by left clicking and it just appeared as though I was trying to mine the block with the bone.
  10. Did you have just 1 bone in hand? It works fine for me. I just killed a skele he dropped a few bones. I only put 1 bone in main inv and left click and told me the name of the block. Hope this helps :)
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  11. Thanks for the thought, I might have had two because I had just killed a skeleton. I'll try again when I get in game.

    Edit: The bone tool works great in the Waste. I had built my house with stone and that is the block I tried the bone tool on. I rebuilt with prismarine and the tool shows that type of block as belonging to me.
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  12. Thank you Dev Team!
  13. Thanks for the update and all the work that came with it!

    I have encountered a couple bugs, most noteworthy is that Marlix's minions are not dropping anything in the wasteland. When I kill them, it no longer shows in the messages what they dropped, and the only thing that they drop is a handful of tokens.

    The second bug is when trying to use a glowing squid ink sac on a CHOOSE shop sign. You are unable to apply the sac because the error is showing up when you try right clicking the CHOOSE signs.
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  14. Woohoo 1.17!!! Thank you so much dev team! Each and every one of you, that had a hand in rolling this update out, seriously, Thank You!

    I look forward to seeing more returning faces and some new players too. I haven't yet climbed aboard to play, but I definitely look forward to ascending back to my usual routine tomorrow evening. So many new things, I'm so excited!

    Congrats on your new title Moople! Super cool! :D
  15. Congrats Moople! The update looks very cool as well!
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  16. This is still restricted to groups (tested by Ryko369 and me). :(
  17. whens 1.8 coming out
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  18. well 1.8 came out ages ago, but 1.18 isn't even done on mojang's end yet, they just barely started regular snapshots up again this week. They say the holiday season, but I suspect it may be longer than that.
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