1.17.1 Caves and Cliffs part 1 Update 9/6/21

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  1. After a couple small delays, the dev team is excited to announce the 1.17 update for Empire Minecraft!

    Also we are announcing the addition of MoreMoople to the dev team. She has been working on a new feature which is nearing completion, and we hope to release it soon!

    Thanks also go out to MoreMoople for putting this graphic together alongside the special heads for the new mob. I am looking forward to Moople's future contributions to the team as her skillset continues to grow.

    Although this update does not contain many EMC specific changes, there have been many changes to the backend of Minecraft which could introduce bugs. Please send all bug reports to the EMC Devs as soon as possible! https://pmdev.emc.gs/

    One more thing. There are special items available to celebrate the update. /promo 117. This will give you a single moss block and Big Dripleaf block which you can use to farm up more. There is nothing special about them.

    Update Notes:
    • Glow Squid and Goats are eggable. Axolotl are not eggable since they can be picked up with buckets.
    • Eggifying goats will persist whether they are a screaming goat.
    • Added mob heads for glow squids, goats, and axolotl.
    • You will be unable to put antigrief protection on powdered snow in the wild. Residences in town will have proper protections for powdered snow.
    • Renamed the “breed” flag to “feed” flag; functionality is the same with the addition of preventing more types of foods from being fed to animals.
    • Dyeing signs now use build flag for residence permissions, was incorrectly using the “use” flag.
    • Fixed an issue with advancements not showing when not in groups.
    • Enraged Drowned will drop copper ingots instead of gold ingots to match vanilla changes.
    • Glow Berries have a fiery variant added.
    • Fixed an issue with fire charges not properly checking residence flags under certain circumstances.
    • You can now check antigrief protection on blocks by left-clicking with a bone, as suggested.
    • A hoped for improvement to elytras in the waste was unsuccessful; this is noteworthy since I somewhere put I hoped to include that improvement with this update. Will edit in a link if someone finds where I talked about it...
    • Also the issue with re-killing the enderdragon not placing its head in the egg spot has not been fixed. That will be fixed soon. Also empirecraft is not running the Tuinity server patches yet.
    • Also, the experimental world generation datapack is not in use due to technical issues. Those changes will be rolled out with 1.18.
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  2. Big pog
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  3. oh yay! thank you chicken :) congrats moopy!
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  4. Yay!!! And congrats Moople
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  5. Thank you and let the exploring commence! :D
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  6. Cool!
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  7. Woohoooooo! :D Huge thank you to chickeneer for all his hard work on this update. Another thank you to chicken for all the time he spent helping me get started. <3

    I'm super excited to join the dev team. :)
  8. Known issues with trying to eggify goats. We will push out an update for that as soon as we can. Working on several issues at the moment.

    Edit: this was fixed.
  9. Awesome! I don’t know much about this update, so I can’t wait to see what’s new.

    Congrats, Moogle!
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  10. Gonna save my greater adventures for next Sunday when I do my Empire stream! Looking forward to finding some new stuff (though I imagine resources will be well collected by the time I do it).
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  11. Congrats Moops!! well deserved:)
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  12. I am so excited for this and loving it so far! && Congrats to Moople!!
  13. Wonderful, wonderful !!! Thanks Chicken and congrats to you Moops! Looking forward to new things . . .
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  14. Congrats Moople! So happy for ya. Also can't wait to see this update bring back more regular faces. Thanks staff for all your hard work
  15. Awesome thanks for rolling out the update. Haven’t had a chance to play yet but i can’t wait. Congrats on Moops adding the dev team to her EMC resume.
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  16. YAY congrats to the dev team. looks like it is time to go copper mining
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  17. So exciting and all sounds awesome! Thanks yet again to the whole Dev Team !!
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  18. Congrats to all involved and thank you! Also congrats and thank you to Moop for joining the team and for all the work before with the heads. I've been having fun trying to collect them! It has been a long challenge and it just got a little longer...
  19. This is going to be awesome!!!!
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  20. Great job to everyone involved! :D
    And thank you very much in particular to Moople! I hope you enjoy contributing as a developer. ^.^
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