[Suggestion] Use bone to find anti-grief protector

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  1. Currently, you must break a block to find who a block is anti-grief-protected by. This is an imperfect solution, for a few reasons:
    • If you're friends with this player or otherwise are able to break their blocks, it breaks it
    • You can't do this if you don't have a tool to break it with
    • It breaks it if it's not AG protected
    • It notifies the player if they're online
    Therefore, I would like to suggest that the feature of bones (/res info in town) be extended to the wild/waste: when bones are used on an anti-grief protected block, it outputs the owner of that block to chat.
  2. I've wished for this feature in the past, would love to see it implemented. (I actually didn't even know about the use of bones in town. :p)
    You can, it just takes a bit longer. :p
  3. Could you (or someone else) suggest some possible wording that would accompany this. Thanks!
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  4. It could potentially be the exact same as the current message when breaking someone else's block, but with a different first line and tweaked colours.
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  5. I do have a question, friends breaking each other's blocks... Can someone fill me in on how that's an issue?
  6. The ability to break a friend's blocks is not the issue. The issue is that it results in having a broken block when trying to figure out who owns a specific block, in this (somewhat specific) case.
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  7. Ah I see! So you want to be able to have some sort of "monitoring system" to check the interactions at that given block, similar to Core Protect? I understand now 👌
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  8. More specifically. Replacing the block will also change who owns the block.
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  9. Very nicely done suggestion! And of course I am convinced that it could be worthwhile.
  10. Seems like a great addition. :)

    It would be especially nice if holding the bone highlights every block that is protected, but I don't think that that is possible without client-side modifications :(
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  11. What would that be useful for, I wonder?
  12. To see if a build is fully protected or unprotected. Usefull for flying machines on one side, and locked away storage rooms / spawners / bed locations on the other :)
    I don't think it is possible, though. :p
    I can technically speaking see something like this working with a particle effect, but I cannot really figure out how it could work. The only thing I can think of is a barrier effect at "~1 ~ ~" "~-1 ~ ~" etc, every time someone switches to holding a bone, but I don't know if something like that would be all that usefull... :p
    If something like that would be implemented, we would probably have to switch to an item people hold less often. A wooden sword could work? Attacking (clicking in the air) then checks all blocks and displays a particle, and breaking (which is possible in survival, just not is creative,) checks that specific block.
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  13. I agree with Egeau, that would help, especially if you are sharing an area with another player and you want to do modifications to a build that you both are working on. :)