Apr 23, 2014
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Thank God for Netflix and Prime Video - I can avoid the nationally scheduled 24 hours of having everything on TV cleared to cry over a toff I didn’t know. Apr 9, 2021 at 11:06 AM

    1. SoulPunisher
      Some notes on how I'm doing (see comments)
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      3. SoulPunisher
        However now that I have suspended my university studies and will be returning home on Monday, I will be able to book a doctor's appointment sometime next week and hopefully finally get prescribed some kind of therapy. I'll also be applying for a job starting in the new year and will hopefully get a solid routine.
        Dec 7, 2019
      4. boscodo
        I'm so sorry... I can't imagine how hard that must be. A doctor, therapist, and routine will definitely help you out. I really hope that you start feeling better soon- keeping you in my prayers!
        Dec 7, 2019
      5. Otus_NigRum
        I dont know what to say except I hope you get better. I cant imagine the pain you're going through, it must be really tough. Stay strong and fight, we are rooting for you.
        Dec 7, 2019
    2. SoulPunisher
      Today I found out tomato juice, drank in the same way as apple/orange/pineapple juice, is a thing. I have one question to ask: why? Who thought that was a vibe? I’m aware that’s two questions but I am astonished.
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      2. KatydidBuild
        you haven't had your V8!
        (that's a tomato + veggie drink brand in the US)
        Dec 3, 2019
      3. Hashhog
        It's an option on planes, and I've never understood it. What a gross idea.
        Dec 3, 2019
      4. SoulPunisher
        blegh I saw it in a supermarket with normal juice like apple and orange and blueberries. I almost physically gagged at it. I love tomato sauce and soup but the juice is always what turned me off the fruit. I don’t understand why someone made it into a juice drink.
        Dec 4, 2019
    3. SoulPunisher
      My university suspension request has now officially been sent off and I'll be out of university until September next year. I do love that my life has been on hold for 2 years running now.
    4. SoulPunisher
      going absolutely mental in the kitchen rn these vegan sausage rolls and vegetables will never know a better chef
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      2. boscodo
        vegan sausage rolls yummmmmm
        Nov 30, 2019
    5. SoulPunisher
      The Mandalorian is the best addition to the Star Wars franchise since Rogue One.
      1. Skiddylicense04
        Nov 28, 2019
    6. SoulPunisher
      what part of “hi” do u not get???????? I am in love with u
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      3. crystaldragon13
        awwww.. I remember that if you ever say 'Hi' to me. yeee!!! xD *so excited
        Nov 26, 2019
      4. _REMOVED_104180
        Nov 26, 2019
      5. SoulPunisher
        Nov 26, 2019
    7. SoulPunisher
      Strawberries and skyr is the best thing to happen to dairy-based cuisine since some guy decided to drink cow milk for literally no reason.
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    8. SoulPunisher
      I can't sleep anymore.
    9. SoulPunisher
      just found out Napoleon Bonaparte is dead I am literally crying right now
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      2. 607
        I feel like this correlation doesn't suggest a causal relation.
        Nov 23, 2019
    10. SoulPunisher
      We both just fell asleep while FaceTiming in bed damn we’re cuter than u
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    11. SoulPunisher
      The house is booked! No, not mine, but my flatmate’s who ditched me!
    12. SoulPunisher
      My flatmates I was supposed to get a house with next year have intentionally ditched and cut me + 2 others out of the plan and are using the excuse that they ‘forgot’ about us... the other two have other friend groups to move in with. I do not. University has not been for me.
      1. Hashhog
        That's really harsh... you haven't been able to talk to the other two about maybe doing the three of you in a flat instead of them going to their separate groups? Or is that already decided? Housing can be a rough, rough process, and that has to be incredibly stressful for you on top of everything else... Sorry to hear it.
        Nov 20, 2019
      2. SoulPunisher
        One is moving in with her friend group and that's set in stone (they've booked the house, deposits made), the other is moving into a house with the entire flat below us and it's at capacity - also booked and deposits made. I asked my friends from the flat above me, they've done the same thing and a re also at capacity. I'm on my own with this.
        Nov 20, 2019
    13. SoulPunisher
      I finally got the energy to write one of my three essay's titles. It was due in a week ago.
    14. SoulPunisher
      Met up with my mum yesterday to fill out some forms relating to my dad’s pension distribution. Went to my uni’s coffee shop and had a talk outside overlooking the town and the beach. Turns out we both think we have PTSD and she’s already decided on getting therapy. I should too.
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      3. boscodo
        Good on you for thinking about a therapist. I'm sure that will help you very much! Sending you hugs and prayers- I cannot imagine how difficult what you've been going through lately it, and here's hoping things start to get better!
        Nov 18, 2019
      4. MoreMoople
        Taking steps to take care of yourself is very important. If you find a good therapist, I'm sure you can benefit from it. :)
        Nov 18, 2019
      5. 607
        That would probably be wise. I hope you can get a good therapist.
        Nov 19, 2019
    15. SoulPunisher
      Dad's mum is fine, she just stopped taking her medication because my dad, obviously, wasn't there to remind her. She was lucky and has retained the movement she had before this (not much to lose anyway) and has full speech, memory, blahblahblah and is in the rehabilitation ward.
    16. SoulPunisher
      My dad’s mum has had a stroke now (2nd time this decade), lol what is going on
      1. Warlord678
        I'm not even going to... wow.
        Bad luck?
        I'm sorry.
        Nov 16, 2019
    17. Jakres
      do you bet eesti gov collapse this year or that blue angry man is sissy
      1. Jakres
        blue angry man is sissy confirmed.
        Their 3rd minister is sacked (hi free money) + his chancellor who exposed him (and did inform court before going to media)
        PM uses "other better ways and not showing last weeks session" as reason for sacking the chancellor
        Nov 25, 2019
    18. SoulPunisher
      Just joined the Labour Party can I get a “✊🏻“
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      2. mba2012
        That's not how you spell Lib Dems
        Nov 9, 2019
      3. SoulPunisher
        I would honestly rather eat a used tissue than join a party overrun by the orange bookers smh
        Nov 10, 2019
      4. mba2012
        better than Jeremy corbyn tho
        Nov 11, 2019
    19. SoulPunisher
      when does this horrible feeling of missing someone and feeling tired constantly and all the bargaining I’m doing end
      1. boscodo
        I hope you feel better really soon <3. We're all here for you, stay strong!
        Nov 7, 2019
    20. SoulPunisher
      Had a dream I woke up next to the girl I love and we had a baby and I made us all breakfast. Life was good for however long that dream was damn
      1. 607
        Good on you for making breakfast!
        Nov 4, 2019
      2. _REMOVED_104180
        aw my heart :((
        Nov 4, 2019
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