Jan 16, 2012
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Austin, Texas
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, Female, from Austin, Texas

The circle of life continues, reminding me that time is precious and life is constantly changing. I lost a dear friend of mine and learned I'm going to be an aunt again. Here's to 2022 and being present for all that it brings. Jan 1, 2022

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    1. Krysyy
      Unfortunately my mask does not actually hide my irritation/annoyance all that well. Eyes are too expressive, lol
    2. luckycordel
      Great Podcast you were featured in! Thanks for sharing your facts and thoughts!
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    3. Krysyy
      My schedule is calming back down. 9/8 I'll be back to semi-normal =)
    4. Krysyy
      cake day already o.O
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      2. Starsphere
        Happy Birthday :)
        Sep 1, 2020
      3. MoreMoople
        Woot woot! Happy birthday, Krysyy :) 🎂🎁
        Sep 1, 2020
      4. luckycordel
        Happy Birthday, Krysyy! :D
        Sep 1, 2020
    5. Malum_In_Se
      Ms. Krysyy,

      I'm a diamond supporter. I picked 4 lots next to my friend. However, two of my lots (the 2 south ones) are next to big attractions that cause severe lag (10 fps) and are unplayable. If I unclaim my current 4 lots, and claim the new, lag free, lots can I get reimbursed the 20,000 rupees, that is, the cost of the original lots. Otherwise, I don't have the rupees to buy them.

      Thank you, Bob
      1. wafflecoffee
        For reference I have reimbursed the 20k rupees from my own balance :)
        Aug 29, 2020
      2. Krysyy
        Can you send me the details on the residences that cause lag please?
        Aug 29, 2020
    6. 607
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    7. Krysyy
      Wednesday is cake day. Start thinking of how you want to decorate. More info soon!
      1. Be6Ja1min
        wacky wild wendsday? :)
        Jul 21, 2020
      2. Gaming_Comander
        What if we just decorate the cake with cake?
        Jul 21, 2020
      3. DrMadFate
        You should allow me to blow the res up with every one on it >_> for old time sakes...
        Jul 21, 2020
    8. Mr_Muchly
      Please help,
      I can't access the /ps command to change settings. I log on to my residence in the frontier and instantly get killed by a group of eyenders. How do I get them to stop?

      Thanks for your help
      1. jewel_king
        Not sure if you got this fixed already but if you you login on another smp you can set your player settings and select Change on All SMP's (if they are killing you before you can change SMP's you can directly connect to a different SMP
        with etc)
        Jul 19, 2020
    9. Krysyy
      RIP Grant Imahara. Your engineering expertise was inspirational!
    10. Krysyy
      Thanks MrzMidnight for the amazing new avatar =)
      1. SkeleTin007
        I agree
        Jul 10, 2020
      2. OhMiku
        we have the same style of avatar now
        Jul 12, 2020
    11. Krysyy
      Waiting for results today (couldn't send off on Sunday)
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    12. Krysyy
      So glad that I got to see him perform last year. RIP Charlie Daniels
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        Jul 6, 2020
      3. Hoops_McCann
      4. SkeleTin007
        A legend will live on through the radio but is never forgotten. Rest in peace Charlie Daniels. That fiddle will always play in our hearts.
        Jul 10, 2020
    13. Krysyy
      Tested negative finally. I think I've chewed off all my fingernails today while waiting for the results. Another test on Sunday with results Monday and I should be able to go back to the office.
    14. Krysyy
      Another covid test sent off. Let's hope the dead RNA is no longer detected.
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      2. SoulPunisher
        At this point I swear you must be responsible for at least half of the USA’s tests
        Jun 30, 2020
      3. Krysyy
        5 of them, haha
        Jun 30, 2020
    15. Krysyy
      Test 4/5 for Covid complete. Now to wait for results. This is always the hardest part...
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      3. samsimx
        30-45 min turn around? Good luck Krysyy
        Jun 24, 2020
      4. farmerguyson
        I hope all is well for you.
        Jun 24, 2020
      5. Krysyy
        Not a rapid test because too many false readings. It will be a day or so. I sent in the sample yesterday afternoon.
        Jun 24, 2020
    16. Krysyy
      We're back with some of my top interview tips this interview season. PLEASE make eye contact. The interviewer doesn't like looking at the whites of your eyes. They want to see those pretty irises instead!
      1. MattieTheSpud
        Goes the other way too.. Hate when I'm at an interview and they're staring over my shoulder. Always feel like I've done something wrong ;-;
        Jun 20, 2020
    17. Krysyy
      Covid affects everyone a little differently. Friend is positive and he never even had a fever :O
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      3. Tuqueque
        Apparently blood types are related to how it affects people. O Blood type seems to "repel" partially the worst symptoms
        Jun 14, 2020
      4. Krysyy
        I'll have to ask him what he is. I know I'm not O, but my brother is.
        Jun 15, 2020
      5. Sadie_Dragon
        (Sorry to be late but) I haven't gotten it yet, and idk what my blood type is (No one's ever asked me so i couldn't tell you), but that sounds interesting...
        Jun 19, 2020
    18. Krysyy
      Sister positive as well and I haven't seen her in weeks. I think Austin, TX just had a boom.
      1. DrMadFate likes this.
      2. BenMA
        A lot of states are seeing an increase. They believe the second wave is here, or is almost here. Opening states up too soon is also a factor.
        Jun 11, 2020
    19. Krysyy
      Official covid log: Day 2 - Lost power for 20 mins. The dog wonders why I'm home again. Only symptom is a headache I can't take meds for. Laptop wants to take forever to update. Contemplating grooming the dog myself...
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      3. Krysyy
        How about a before and after? The actual during is likely gonna take hours...
        Jun 11, 2020
      4. jewel_king
        that works too =P
        Jun 11, 2020
      5. MoreMoople
        Haha, one of my dance teachers did his wife's hair (our other teacher) with the clippers meant for the dogs. Sort of a twist on what you're contemplating, haha.
        Jun 12, 2020
    20. Krysyy
      Mystery solved: I have covid.
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      3. Joy_the_Miner
        I'm so sorry... :( I hope that you are able to keep positive thoughts to help you through this difficult time in your life..
        Jun 11, 2020
      4. CatNapInn
        I'm sorry to hear that, my mother and I had got it and we know how hard it can be. I hope you get better as fast as possible.
        Jun 11, 2020
      5. Eviltoade
        Jeez thats terrible, hopefully your recovery is quick! <3
        Jun 11, 2020
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    Austin, Texas
    Lab Supervisor
    I've had the joy to be a member of Empire Minecraft for over 6 years, and a staff member for a good 4+ and going.

    I have 2 large fur babies that I love dearly: Zara and Zoboomafoo (Zaboo). They are a Great Pyrenees and Great Pyrenees mix, respectfully, and love their cuddle time.

    Unfortunately, I cannot play EMC all day and do have to actually pay the bills, so I have what you call a full-time job :eek:*shocker*. I'm a Lab Supervisor at a medical clinic in heart of the great state of Texas. :cool:

    I am a HUGE fan of Doctor Who, so if you ever want to talk about it, just shoot me a message. If you send me spoilers for an episode, without clarifying that I've seen it first, I will not be a happy camper, so please don't.:mad:

    That's really about all I have to say...
    If you haven't yet, make sure you read the rules and always follow them. It makes me happy and everyone likes a happy Krysyy!:D