Jun 2, 2018
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Ok. Lemme say 2 things. 1. Don't you dare give me drama, please. thank you. 2. I am not *really* returning to EMC. I am actually on sporadically to hang out with T or another friend. Complaints? Don't want to hear them. I am not returning, because I'm taking no armor... *comments Mar 11, 2019

    1. HopeWarrior
      Body: YOU ARE SICK Blood: A-OK! Doctor and me: *confused*
      1. ElfinPineapple
        That's me with a cold. It is horrible. I've learned after way too many rounds with it how to keep it to 3 days instead of the brutal seven days.
        Oct 16, 2018
      2. HopeWarrior
        Heh.. hehhe.. i so wish I could call it a cold, or flu...
        i'm certain neither last 3 months.... in the side...
        Oct 16, 2018
      3. HopeWarrior
        but ye, i've mastered the 1 day of sleep 1 day of fineeeee run rampant and 1 day of ok now shut up and die flu (3 day flu and cold)
        Oct 16, 2018
    2. HopeWarrior
      80, 89, 89, 94, 50, 40, 40, 38... wait where's fall?
    3. HopeWarrior
      I refuse to wake up until 9. K thx night *rolls over but mom bashes me with a pillow* -.- nno....
    4. HopeWarrior
      Burned out on every game.. but 1... yet... i feel bored easy... Man, I need to find a way to multiplayer this...
    5. HopeWarrior
      Joys of going to the doc: Every kid is 10 or younger and is coughing and sneezing their heads off. *two days later, you wake up sneezing and coughing your head off* Joy.
      1. BrickStrike likes this.
      2. BrickStrike
        Oof. I made sure to get my flu shot early this year because I work as a cashier/barista and am exposed to a lot of different people
        Oct 14, 2018
      3. HopeWarrior
        they have never helped me. so.
        Oct 14, 2018
    6. HopeWarrior
      I hate winter. Wait, it's fall... then i hate fall for being so dang cold.
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      2. HopeWarrior
        57 F with 65% humidity and 10 mph winds. Real Feel of 50.
        Oct 13, 2018
      3. TomvanWijnen
        Ohh, 50 F's not so bad. It was below that with a hard wind not long ago here. ;)
        Oct 13, 2018
      4. HopeWarrior
        Still bad... mergh
        Oct 13, 2018
    7. HopeWarrior
      I'mma play a game I haven't played in almost a year! *changes a setting and the game crashes* Or I'mma hunt a way to allocate more RAM to handle it!
    8. HopeWarrior
      WOO I'M NOT THAT SICK but i'm sick... *nyegh*
    9. HopeWarrior
      *falls over, exhausted* wake me up in 30 minutes. Just a power nap. "But.. it's science.." no it isn't.
    10. HopeWarrior
      when you realize something, then take a deep breath, and admit to yourself, I'm sick. I'm very very very sick. I need to stop avoiding the truth, and seek it.
    11. HopeWarrior
      Honesty... It's a vital thing. Words, they are complex and complicated things. Friendships? Those are priceless. Speak up when it is needed, and never fear. To all of the past, and to move on, I say this. *bows head, then leaves*
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    12. HopeWarrior
      What do you mean it's mandatory?! "yep and you have a week." A WEEK?! *they leave* NO WAIT I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS *another person walks by, stops, shrug* "It's mandatory for all seniors." Used to be optional... "Nope." *screams in stress*
    13. HopeWarrior
      *revenge has been exacted and executed*
      1. Tbird1128 likes this.
    14. HopeWarrior
      ... uhm... well that's unexpected...
    15. HopeWarrior
      And we're home, but... I need to slap the tar outta some classmates once I finish my business here.
      1. FadedMartian likes this.
    16. HopeWarrior
      2 hours behind, I'm in pain, the sun is setting, and today just hasn't been my day. why has all weekend started great and then had a crappy ending? *sigh*
    17. HopeWarrior
      Open the application, Sadie, and do *not* run like a coward.
      1. Kephras likes this.
    18. HopeWarrior
      I'm going to be taking a hiatus from forums for a bit. If I am needed, tackle me in game, or in discord, but I may not respond. I am ill, angry, and very much hurt... I'll be back eventually, maybe. Might even be leaving discord, *shrug*. I'll think about it. No more comment.
      1. FadedMartian, ItsDicey and belac555 like this.
      2. belac555
        Alright well we will be waiting for you and hope that you feel better
        Oct 6, 2018
      3. FadedMartian
        Hope to see you soon!
        Oct 6, 2018
      4. HopeWarrior
        EDIT TO THIS: I shall only be on to handle business. And nothing more: ONLY WHEN I AM NEEDED.
        Oct 6, 2018
    19. HopeWarrior
      I have found the college I love most, AND lotsa free money. Who says I haven't been trying hard?
      1. Tbird1128 and MoreMoople like this.
      2. HopeWarrior
        Much more comfy hotel, too...
        Oct 5, 2018
    20. HopeWarrior
      I am enjoying whatchamacallit while relaxing... And watching Dr. Who because mom won't use her tablet. (Jerk.... but i refuse to say why, lest Krysyy attack)
      1. Krysyy
        *peeks out from behind TARDIS*
        Oct 4, 2018
      2. HopeWarrior
        Doctor almost died. Then he didn't. After that, I got lost again.
        Let mom enjoy that..... I'm not much into it, especially because that was my first full episode...
        Oct 4, 2018
      3. MoreMoople
        Hmmm, i'd like to watch Dr. Who sometime.
        Oct 4, 2018
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