Chat Rules

May 12, 2017
Chat Rules
  • An important thing to note: ALL the Chat Rules are at Staff discretion. If you're behaving inappropriately and it doesn't exactly fit within any of the rules listed, staff may still take action against you.

    Keep Chat Family Friendly

    • The use of mild language like "hell" or "damn" is allowed. This is based on our Family Friendly atmosphere. Every type of profanity has a nicer alternative, so please use those instead.
    • Even censored or abbreviated foul language is not allowed. Acronyms are acceptable as long as you do not spell out the full meaning with a banned word (such as lmao).
    • The use of any words with abusive or rude intent is never accepted.
    • Keep in mind the topics of your discussion. Things like drugs, alcohol, sexual activities, etc is not suitable for our Chat because we are Family Friendly.
    • See the Chat Language expansion below for more information.

    Do Not Spam The Chat

    • This includes the use of repetitive punctuation, letters, messages, words, shop adverts, etc.
    • Do not randomly advertise for no reason. Only advertise your shop/residence at a maximum of once every 3 hours, unless otherwise solicited, and only in the economy Chat or a private message. This 3 hour timer is a per PLAYER and per SERVER message limit. If you have multiple Residences, you may only advertise one every 3 hours.
    • Do not TaLk LiKe ThIs or use all capitals LIKE THIS. It is also considered to be spam/yelling and is mostly disabled on the server. Intentional circumvention of our anti-caps filter will result in consequences.
    • The use of external characters/fonts is prohibited. It shows up as ???'s in the staff logs and is therefore disallowed regardless of the character you are trying to make.
    • Please use English in public Chat channels. In all public chats, the use of other languages is not allowed because a staff member is not able to ensure you are abiding by all EMC Chat rules and to other players it is seen as spam. This ruling includes Town, Local, Supporter, and Economy Chat channels.

    Do Not Be Rude To Others

    • No insults, name-calling, or other general rude behavior against other players. If you have a question about what is seen as rude, ask a Staff member.
    • Do not make public accusations against other players or slander (talk bad about) other players. This is considered rudeness and will be punished as such.
    • Be mindful that there are people with other religions, ethnic backgrounds, political views, etc than what you may have. Please keep these topics out of public to limit the possibility of arguments. If you wish to start a discussion about one of these topics, please start a private Chat with all interested parties. If you have a question about suitable topics for Chat, please ask a moderator.

    Do Not Beg In Chat

    • This includes asking for donations repeatedly, spamming others about job inquiries, publicly complaining about lack of items, etc.
    • Read about how to earn Rupees in the wiki if you are in need of them.

    It can be unclear exactly where the limits of decency are within the Code of Conduct Chat rules. The following sections are here to clear that up, by showing you some examples of what's okay, and what's not.
    Messages in green are correct.
    Messages in orange are against the rules for the reason(s) listed.

    Asking Nicely (top)

    Shut up and get off my res!
    This example breaks "Do not be rude", as you're demanding the person to shut up. It's not within anyone's right's to tell another player to "shut up". If you don't like what they're saying, /ignore them.

    Please can you leave me alone?
    However, while not perfect, this example is much better. Generally, if you ask someone nicely, they're much more likely to understand you, and respect your wishes. Remember, if someone doesn't get off your res if asked, you can always -move them. If someone is annoying you, you can also use /ignore, but we are a Community and it’s normally better to deal with the player correctly than to ignore them.


    I think you're an idiot

    Shut up stupid!

    You’re a noob!

    You're a hacker!

    Complimenting another player is fine (and, if anything, encouraged). However, insulting another player in any way at all is not allowed, and could result in a punishment. Publicly accusing someone of breaking the rules is not allowed and should be handled with /report instead.

    Spam and Overuse of Characters(top)

    Donate to my res!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Come see my res!
    Come see my res!
    Come see my res!

    Using excessive punctuation or Chat characters, or posting the same message multiple times, isn't allowed, and is considered spamming. The official time limit for posting the same (or very similar) message is 10 minutes, though excessive spamming may result in staff action.

    Does anyone want to come look at my res?
    Asking people to have a look at your res when you are building is fine, as long as you aren't spamming. In fact, if you need donations, setting up a donation box in your res is a great method - although you shouldn't mention this in Chat in a begging manner or repetitively.

    This shows that you are having a good time and laughing. It’s definitely a good thing and in the example above, you aren’t overly abusing the Chat with spam, while still getting your point across.

    Sometimes we like to laugh extra loud and to show that in Chat, we want a bit more emphasis. However, we should realize that there are limits before people think we are just spamming. The official limit is 10 extra characters extension allowed, but repetitive abuse of excessive characters may result in staff action.

    Inappropriate Chat(top)

    There are no extremely clear guidelines here for a reason. If what you are saying wouldn’t be allowed in a PG movie, then you shouldn’t be saying it. We are a family friendly server with players of all ages. Just because it’s okay in your life does not mean that it is for everyone else.
    We do have some Chat filters in place to prevent some words from being said. If you try to say the word and it gets blocked, then there is a reason. Purposely bypassing this Chat filter WILL result in harsher punishment.

    If you have a specific question about words/phrases that are or aren’t allowed, please ASK A STAFF MEMBER. They will be more than happy to help you out.

    Asterisk bleeping of words (*****) is not allowed either, though it may result in less severe punishment or a warning. Acronym use is okay, given that it is not done to an excessive degree to be labeled as spam or known to be a rude acronym.

    Begging and Asking(top)

    I'm broke, come to my shop!
    Asking for donations in Chat is begging. This is effectively begging, as you're indicating to everyone else in Chat that you're after their money.

    One thing you could do, is when someone asks "Who sells [item you sell here]?" (in economy Chat), simply reply with "I sell [item] at [res number]" . If you don't mention the need for money, then people are much more likely to go to your shop - as they'll think of a shop owner, not a beggar!

    Economy Chat and Advertisements(top)

    Please use economy Chat correctly. It is intended to be the gateway for any economy related discussions so that those that do not wish to participate in the economy at certain times may easily do so. No one wants to be out in the Wastelands mining peacefully and have their Chat spammed with shop advertisements, yet they may want to stay engaged in a discussion in the Town Chat channel. If you are using Town Chat for your economic discussions, staff may take action.

    If what you are posting is not buying/selling/participating in the economy, then it shouldn't be in the economy Chat channel.

    If you choose to advertise your shop or auction, etc in the economy Chat channel, please do so sparingly. The official ruling for in-game advertisements is PER PLAYER and PER SERVER. This means if you own multiple Residences that you wish to advertise, that you are allowed one advert per time period and must choose which unsolicited* advert you wish to spend that on. PER PLAYER means that your alternate account is held to the same timer, if applicable:

    3 hours between any unsolicited* shop/auction thread adverts per server

    3 hours between any miscellaneous thread adverts

    1 hour between any in-game event adverts

    *Unsolicited = Randomly posted without another player asking a related question

    Adverts should contain no more than one line of text to get your point across. Use a link to a forum thread if you need to share more info.


    The Chat rules are very simple to follow, provided you respect everyone, and don't be rude. In most cases, there's a nice way of saying something, but if there isn't, you really shouldn't be saying it.
    By not abusing any of the Chat rules, we can maintain a happy and engaging Community in the Chat channels.

    However, everyone makes a mistake sometimes. If it’s clear that the player made a small slip-up, then don’t always expect our ban hammer to come down with force. We are humans (mostly) and as a result, mistakes are a part of our nature.
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