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  1. Well, we've seen bad games, so what are some of your favorite games? (Other than minecraft please :p)

    Myself, I enjoy Terraria, Clash of Clans, Civilization: Beyond Earth, Civilization V, Osu!, and a wide range of call of duty games. And don't forget TF2 (although I haven't played it in forever).

    So what do you all like to play?
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  2. I like Trove, Dark Souls 1, Skyrim and League of Legends.
  3. I loved Jak and Daxter on PS2 and Call of duty MW3. Those are the only games I love so far other than Minecraft.
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  4. World of warships, world of tanks, obviously minecraft and Clash of Clans :)
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  5. Trove (When it was playable for me), Osu!, Project Diva, Smite, CS:GO (Sometimes) and Dragon Nest (Sometimes)...
  6. Bump. I forgot to mention Brave frontier. I probably play it a bit too much, hehe...
  7. Minecraft
    NFS: Rivals

    I don't play much of anything else.
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  8. So much Skyrim, I'm even considering to pick it up for the PC someday so that I can enjoy all the plugins & mods. Haven't played much as of late but I still love it.

    Not just the open world and the way they did it. But also because Skyrim truly broke through the endless circle of "gear vs. adventuring which you see in dozens of RPG's. You just start out and what do you like to have? Proper gear to go on your adventure. Problem: you can' t buy that stuff yet. So you should go on an adventure to try and make some money and hopefully also pick up some loot / gear. But... that's just the reason why you wanted the gear: to be better prepared for your explorations.

    So Skyrim allows you to make your own gear. And visiting a mine (and running into some bandits) doesn't sound as heavy as exploring ancient tombs where perhaps the undead can also roam around. So before you know it you find yourself digging up ore which you can't only craft into armor & weapons: you can also chose to sell any extra's you have which earns you money again!

    win - win. Smaller adventures can really help you prepare for bigger adventures.
    I also very much enjoyed Fallout 3 & Fallout New Vegas. I really admire the way how they managed to roll turn based and real time into one. So simple yet so very effectively done.

    Hmm. inFamous 2, I still play that sporadically. And all because of the awesome level designer. You walk around in the city of New Marais and you can find green starting points all over the place. Those are levels made by players, and some are really heavy. I made dozens myself; the things which the editor allows you to do is awesome.

    I dumped a whole fantasy story in there once; where a random NPC ('Sabrina') had gained some influence over the infected (had a pet ravager called "Ravie") and that got Betrand to take an interest in her. And the only reason she ended up female was because Zeke was so lady-like (esp. in Festival of Blood). That allowed me to make the link. lol, and even got me some cool reactions: Zeke asks you to check up on his girlfriend. You do so and get the militia over you, then suddenly a ravager appears and helps you get rid of (most of) the onslaught (you're kinda outnumbered). So then Sabrina asks you to help her boyfriend after which Cole immediately starts: "What, where's Zeke,what has he done now?", only to be asked: "Who's Zeke?" :p They might still be online, dunno: "project 2801" was the name of the levels I made.
    Last but not least Gran Turismo 5. I loved that game, racing game exclusive for the PS3. I bought it because my gf went on vacation with her parents some years ago and hoped it would distract me a little (was during the holiday season, kinda rough) but yah; it got in around the beginning of December and the DVD went out around March the next year ;)

    Unfortunately the DLC and updates totally ruined the game for me. Such a major bummer... My main gripe was that the game suddenly changed all grid starts into rolling starts. Which for me basically ended the fun of the game in its entirety. A rolling start on Monza? Yeah, right! I sometimes like to play "B-Spec" (let computer drivers do the race and try to coach / manage them a little) but it's hardly as much fun as driving yourself.

    Thing is: once you tried to drive off yourself as fast as possible and then end up at the end of the grid due to massive wheelspin then you get a pretty good impression of what it might be like in real life ;)

    But this game was awesome. Especially because small cars were just as important as high end cars. And the Top Gear track was just unreal. First challenge: overtake as much Volkswagon vans as possible (all the same cars, so you really had to rely on steering and braking and not so much on horsepower).

    And with 800 or so different cars in the game... I actually tried it a few times; after watching Top Gear I looked up the car in the database, then started the track (which I had unlocked, obviously) and then trying to come close to the times on TV. That is so awesome!

    Meh... and now I feel like popping it in again and watching a race. And I just might ;)

    So yah; that's my top... something ;)


    lol, I looked it up and a GT5 review I did years ago is still online (won't link, it's on the Dutch Playstation forum). But yeah...

    This was the very first serious car I had in the game. I wanted to go for a car which had both good speed but also some muscle behind it. And what better choice than an American one? The Dodge Challenger (I may have been influenced by watching many 'Married with Children' episodes but heck..).

    So yeah, this car means business. This is what you get for driving a car with the steering wheel on the wrong side ;) Almost made me wish I could wave while showing that guy who's boss here :D I don't remember if this was computer or multiplay though. Doubt it was multiplayer, but... :oops:

    This is an excellent example of what I'm talking about with 'smaller cars'. My Yaris wasn't as fast as some of the others (I think this was all about Japanese or Asian cars). But what I lacked in speed I could make up in driving full throttle through corners. I didn't have to slow down that much ;)

    (for the record: I'm driving the yellow car here).

    Yah, and once I did get my hands on faster super cars.. uhm.... :eek:

    It was the speed, I swear! Totally not because I discovered that my car was low enough to launch other cars out of the game, especially after managing to get a top speed of approx. 250km/hr on the straight :D

    I'm positive that this was a computer generated race though ;)
  9. Star wars the old republic(wow with lightsabers)
    Battlefield 3
    Sta wars battlefront 2
  10. What a helpful, insightful 12/10 contribution to this thread.

    • Star Wars Battlefront 2
    • Team Fortress 2
    • The Last of Us
    • Garry's Mod
    • Crusader Kings II
    • Skyrim
    • Fallout: New Vegas
    • GTA: Vice City
    • Just Cause 2
    • Tomb Raider (pretty much any of them, the 2013 one especially :p)
    • PAYDAY
    • The Sims 2
    • The Sims 3
    • All of TellTale's 2012-Present games.
    I could go on, but I'd probably break a character limit or something :p
  11. Oh battlefront 2... I loved that game. I hate to admit it but as outdated as it is I still play it on my PSP =P
  12. Two years ago I invested about another 250 hours in battlefront 2 on ps2
  13. I still play the PC version (the best version :p) occasionally. I grew up playing it on my PS2, although the disc got scratched to hell a few years back. The game I want most this year (its a tie between that and Fallout 4) is DICE's Battlefront :p
  14. I only really play two games:
    • Minecraft
    • Euro Truck Simulator 2
    I love both of them. Each is for a different mood.
  15. I have to say Planetside 2 and Super Hexagon are by far my favorite games. I used to play TF2 all the time, but it kind of just got boring for me.
  16. I play ETS2 when I feel like driving - I can't drive for another 1 and a half years, so it's gr8 :p
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  17. Hotline Miami, COD, Fallout, Civ 4 and 5, Sims 2 and 3, State of Decay (Awesome zombie game, bad cam controls), anything Borderlands, Papers please, NBA 2k15, Ark, Diablo 3, Heros of the storm, GTA 5 and so many more, I guess you could call me a gamer

    I play it when I want to fall asleep, it's great
  18. Yeah, sometimes driving with a bit of music is for some reason really relaxing. I usually play it when I don't really have something else to do, or just want to relax (but not lay on bed lol) with music in the background. :)
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