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which is worse? this poll is just for fun

Shadow the hedgehog 12 vote(s) 38.7%
Sonic '06 24 vote(s) 77.4%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Enter and explain a bad game in this thread
    RULE 1: E.T doesn't count since that one will automatically win.
    RULE 2: Graphics don't mean anything, though that may make the game better.

    My entry is gonna be shadow the hedgehog for PS2/GameCube. It was glitchy, the controls were slippery, the story line was bad The actors for certain characters sounded stupid. A sonic game were the characters curse? seriously? It tried to be too edgy it was dumb. One can only play through westopolis so many times before ripping their hair out.

    I did like the guns however, and the Crush 40 songs like I am all and Never turn back. The final boss was alright.
  2. Battle Field, That is the worst game ever, I got the 4th one, to try it out, and i have never seen so many bugs in the game, like people walking through walls, buildings vanishing and so much more, This is for the Xbox one version, so you would think they would game test.... Well that is the last time i get those games!!!!
  3. COD: Ghosts.

    That is all.
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  4. Superman for the N64
    Superman for the Atari 2600

    Almost anything for the sega gamegear was a huge disappointment. Heck I still own an unopened, brand new gamegear sealed in its original cellophane packaging.

    ET, was not too bad. You had to have something called patience to learn how to work the game.:rolleyes:
    I am curious to who actually spent some time playing the game, while keeping in mind what was available at the time when it came out.:D
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  5. min3cr4ft is 5 nubs!!!!!!!1111!11!1oneone!1!

    Jokes, of course. Although I am an avid gamer, and I do not buy a game unless I think it is truly wonderful, Far Cry 4 was truly a disappointment to me. I am not going to say that it is not fun to roam around the forests of Kyrat and run over some helpless pigs, but I believe that they could have done something more to improve the storyline. The game has wonderful graphics and design, and the gameplay itself is wonderful. However, I think that the storyline is next to useless when you can just roam around sandbox-style.
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  6. The Legend of Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. Do I need to explain? I think i do because 85% of you have no clue what I'm talking about. Well there was this system, called the Phillups CDI. Nintendo gave them the right to zelda and mario and all the characters, etc. There was three zelda games, and two mario games. It had horrible cut scenes and hand drawn graphics, god awful controls, and altogether a horrible addition to the zelda series. Wait no, screw TLOF:TWOG the worst game in the world is The Flower's of robert mapplethorn. Ik i love staring at flowers on a video game console. Fun, am I right? But if u dont count that as a game, i'd say the wand of gamelon is a horrible game.
  7. Dragon's Lair
    As much as I respect Don Bluth's animation skills, this sucker is basically the genesis of quicktime events, before QTE's were even a thing. Over three decades later, its legacy is still haunting / infecting games of every tier and caliber in their attempt to be "cinematic."
  8. Ride To Hell: Retribution
  9. SiN Episodes: Emergence is bad, but not nearly as bad as Freedom Force.
    EDIT: They are both ultra terrible. Not so great graphics, broken controls(Freedom Force) and dysfunctional AI.
    • Ride to Hell: Retribution
    • Sonic '06
    • Most games in Steam Early Access
    • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (the PC version, which is god-awful)
    • Assassin's Creed: Unity
    • Any German simulator.
    • The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
    • Any CoD game after Black Ops II.
    • The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    • Godzilla
    • Any Japanese 'dating' simulator (I'll use HuniePop as an example... and if you don't know what that is, you're probably too young to know what it is - and you don't want to either...)
    I'd go on, but I know too many bad games. This list isn't even the worst of them.

    Battlefield 4 was glitchy at launch, like every other AAA game nowadays, but after a few weeks most things were patched. I've never seen any game-breaking bugs since the game was launched, and certainly nothing like what you described...
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  10. Time for a little controversy...

    GTA 5, specifically the online part ("GTAO"). Please note though: when I call this a bad game I'm specifically referring to all the technical problems it has, and the overall quality of the game. However, suspicious quality or not, I'm not claiming that the game can't be any fun. But the quality is definitely severely lacking.

    The reason I come to this conclusion is simple: Start an online game, go into a freeroam lobby and its almost inevitable that you'll come across a modder or hacker. You know: someone who can blow up the entire lobby with one command, a player who's fully invincible, a player who has a kazzilion amount of cash and hands it out left and right, etc, etc.

    Thing is: many people blame the hackers for ruining their fun. Although they have a point these comments also ignore the fact that it's still Rockstar who left those exploitable bugs within the game in the first place. If they had patched their stuff then people couldn't exploit it on such a large scale.

    I also consider the game bad because of the poor balance in the game. In freeroam it's not uncommon for a new player who can barely afford a pistol, let alone a semi-automatic weapon, to be in the same lobby with someone who already managed to get to level 200. Thus basically owning all the weapons in the game, including the rocket launcher and minigun. I know GTA isn't exactly about fair play, but surely a little bit of balancing could have been expected here?

    Poor compensation for different Internet speeds. Basically: no compensation. If you're playing a level with someone who doesn't have the same Internet connection speed and you're the passenger in his car then don't be surprised if it suddenly seems that the player "died" (just drives off without direction, sometimes crashing into a wall or something) only to be magically teleported after which you're normally driving again. And this is the least of your problems.

    The moment you encounter spawners (enemies which simply spawn somewhere) then beware. Because it's very likely that if you kill an enemy that he'll be resurrected within 20 - 30 seconds and will start firing at you from the exact same location as where you initially shot him. The cause for this is mostly a difference in connection speeds. You killed the first spawned enemy, but another player in your level couldn't keep up, so his client will now also spawn an enemy in. From his pov it looks as if 1 enemy appeared and you (hopefully) shot him. From your pov it appears as if you shot an enemy and 20 seconds later he re-appeared. Each to his own but I call that sloppy programming.

    Once again I need to stress out that even despite all those bugs and problems the game can still be enjoyable, I'm not claiming otherwise. But I do think that it severely lacks quality.

    IMO Rockstar released an unfinished, buggy, game while still making their customers pay the full price for it. And that's why I'm labeling this game bad. Enjoyable, good fun, but still bad.
  11. Do you guys remember AW at launch? That cod game was mediocre to begin with. The glitches in multiplayer were like "how did you screw this up" easy and unfair glitches
  12. I 110% agree with you. I have ranted to my IRL friends about it many, many times. :p
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  13. Please don't mention the sonic games we don't need a repeat of ET
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  14. Depends on what type, Huniepop is a meh game, the story ones are the best...
  15. All CoD games are mediocre...
    Oh, don't worry. Sonic games won't cause a repeat of ET. No, it's the glitchy, rushed, unfinished games coming out of big names like EA, Activision and Ubisoft in franchises with good track records and reviewers getting paid extra to say that the games are amazing that will cause another video game crash :)
    Nope. They're all weird. :p
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  16. I think the COD franchise has been on a steady decline since the second modern warfare was released. Up to that point they were actually enjoyable but now they feel rushed and a complete waste of money, It might just be that I've grown up and realised what trash they are but I doubt it. The old ones feel better even today.

    Why did you pay for it then if it looks weird in the first place? :p
    Just looking at the steam page of it makes me cringe at how awful it looks, hence the only reason to buy those types of games is for eye candy.:confused:
    EDIT: OHMYGOD Huniepop has a 96% positive review rate on steam..........................................
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  17. No offense, but Minecraft is probably the glitchiest game I've played :p

    Meanwhile Call of Duty is still trying to remove the glitches in its next gen Fish AI

    Also, I think what your experiencing is lag. I have 0 problems playing Battlefield Hardline (The same game engine as BF4 but just a new concept)
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  18. Not lag. I have a device kit and I ran it on there and there are so many big it returned. it has the worst game code ever it's all over the place.
  19. Development kit not device kit on phone and it has spell check. lol