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Have you had snow staying for more than five minutes this/last winter?

Yes. 37 vote(s) 61.7%
No. 23 vote(s) 38.3%
  1. It's snowing! It's legitimately snowing!

    And it's actually staying! :D

    There's actually more to this than only snow, but that's a bit more private ;)

    The snow alone is already great though, even if you don't know any of the deeper meanings! :D
  2. Yay, congrats! :D I'm glad you finally got some snow. :) I was so happy when we managed to get a bunch. Thought this winter was going to be a bit of a disappointment. :p
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  3. It doesn't snow in most parts of Australia :( can u send me an avalauncher? Cuz like... I've never touched snow... :D
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  4. Half of our state got shut down twice within a month last January; was absolutely brutal!
  5. Here in Florida, the closest we get to snow is the frost in our freezers.
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  6. Here in the UK today and yesterday we had 4-6 inches and it all lay :D

    The snow ball fights were epic! ;)
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  7. 2 inches in Connecticut. So much for a crazy winter as was predicted. Though usually where I live (relatively close to the coast) it's warmer... water and all that crap.
  8. I had a year and 9 months without snow until Boxing Day. That stuck for about 5 days and melted before New Year's. We had a storm lasting from Thursday to Friday with winds of 100MPH, and since then the temperature's been dropping. It's snowed in other parts of England (possibly Wales, too) and has probably snowed in most of Scotland... but I've had no snow since 2 weeks ago :(
    That's enough to shut down most schools in England :p
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  9. Pah, you and your silly two inches! :p

    We have at least 3-4 in northern Ohio and we have only closed school once, NOT because of the snow, but because of the cold. its been holding between 0-10 most of the day, minus wind chill. Its supposed to warm up the end of this week and on the weekend though.
  10. Fun for some, but here in my part of the UK, it snowed for about an hour and it all just turned into nice wet puddles on the floor... :p
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  11. And here in Austin, TX all we get is rain. Only days when it gets below freezing are the days we have 0% chance of precipitation.
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  12. Here in the Mojave Desert, we get.... Heat Heat , Small Drizzle, Heat, More Heat, some cold nights, Heat heat Heat... Yep its usually hot no matter what time of year it is.
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  13. When I was in the Navy Stationed in Mayport, FL we had snow... sorta. The risers on the piers that provide steam to the ships when they're in port have small leaks. It was cold enough for about a week that the leaking steam would freeze and we got lil piles of "snow" at the base of each riser, about enough for 2 snowballs each .
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  14. Over in this part of the UK, snow lasts one day before being rained on :p
  15. #Straya
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  16. Uh, NY gets only so much snow.
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  17. Haven't gotten any snow yet this year. I'm on the coast of North Carolina and our weather is pretty Bi-Polar. This week we've had sun and warmth and shorts weather and had to turn the heat down, then by the next morning I was having to dry clothes on the heater to put on to warm up and it's been raining. Currently have on two pairs of socks, slippers, two pairs of pants, a shirt and my coat and I'm still freezing.
  18. On a brighter note, our temperature dropped maybe like.. 5 degrees.. It was a "cool" day. Almost.. just almost wanted me to grab my jacket.
  19. Snow used to have been enjoyable for me, but not a whole lot anymore. Within my current situation in life, I view snow as a problem. Although, I'm not upset by it. A lot of students I have meet in school favored cancellations by it over going to school.

    I personally would want to go to school for learning, the main reason schools exist. As a student, I can receive new information to apply in my life, including for these posts! Although, school can get overwhelming sometimes.
    When I'm not in school, I want to achieve something. I don't always set goals for myself, but most accomplishments show me and the people around me that I'm changing and making a difference in the world.
    I would rather be a round and dynamic character than a flat and static one.
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