Why Doesn't This Happen?

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  1. After going round reading really old threads and just taking a look at EMC's past I found this:

    450 on-line users! YEaaaaaa

    So what do you think about why this doesn't happen any more?
  2. Well some people go to school/work and might not have as much time as they used to for EMC or Minecraft in general.
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  3. I used to use my Reserved Slot now its wasted.
  4. I do miss those days
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  5. I think we all do :/ Hopefully it will come back but right now we need to VOTE!
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  6. Tbh i may be the only one but i prefer it when it is quieter (not too quiet but 20-30 people on each server). of course i want to see EMC grow but i dont mind it being quiet.
  7. Games come and games go - seen it all before :(
  8. It don't happen becuase the Session Servers are offline.
  9. If you want my honest opinion - People stopped playing because Minecraft has drifted away from it's original gameplay ... being about building and surviving in the wild and nether. I don't see why they fealt like adding potions, witches, and other mythical creatures (except the former ones skeletons and zombies) were necessary ... If you guys don't know - they already have about 13 other games, a few of them being about nothing but wizards and magic - so there was no real need in them saying 'Jeb always intended adding magic to a game' - because he already had a game based on that.

    So people, in my honest opinion, stopped playing because they liked the 'original feel' of previous updated versions - and now with the new updates, it's too many changes to handle at once - or they get aggravated trying to keep up ...

    Me - I like to go get material and build - simple as that ... As for worrying about the new updates, I can't stand having to change from original material - I like experimenting with what I have to find ways to change it ...

    And as mentioned before - everything gets old after awhile - so some people either have other games they play or they built things so much on Minecraft that they have nothing new to build - simple as that.

    Those were my opinions :)
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  10. I remember the time, you have to wait like 15min till a slot is free. there were on each server like 65 players, only he suporters can connect..... oh and the time before, the server only had like 45 slots( I don't remember the exact number of slots)......
  11. Before the 60 slot per server it was 50.
  12. I really don't think it matters.
    We have about 215 players online at the moment, most other servers can only wish for that amount.
    To complain about that amount simply because we did have more is nothing but ungrateful.
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  13. We need new and interesting content and challenges in the Empire. We need to continually innovate more and more to get a stickier userbase. It's not enough to give users the opportunity to get x, y and z and tell them to use x, y and z to build stuff, we need to stimulate them more by mixing in less creation-intensive gameplay and more objective-intensive gameplay into the EMC experience. And we need players who aren't creative to have the same opportunities to do well as the creative. Right now, we mainly look up to the best builders, like Eclipsys, but we need more professions to be available.

    Here's the list of professions in the Empire:
    1. Building. Either purchasing or gathering materials and creating beautiful and epic constructs.
    2. Battling. Killing lots of enemies easily. Highest accolade would be to kill multiple withers, either in separate incidents or simultaneously, or one of the five Ender Dragons that have existed, as well as having top TEXP.
    3. Managing the community. Making sure gameplay goes smoothly for all players. One of the least gameplay-intensive professions of all. Highest accolade would be the title of Administrator and making the Empire expand.
    4. Trading. Selling goods and services., either directly gathered or bought at a lower price. Highest accolade would be being the richest player.
    5. Gathering. Gathering resources. Highest accolade would be possessing as many valuables as possible, like Diamonds, Emeralds, or Nether Stars.

    We need more tangible rewards for following these professions as well as more actual professions.
  14. So we need a jobs plugin?
  15. Lol,I think he's trying to say, we need. A leader boards for these other skills n what not.
  16. I think we have enough leader boards. I'm glad I don't have to listen to people and their TEXP as bad as it used to be. That and people spamming for highest posting member.

    Exactly. I'm still waiting for all the new features that were supposed to be added like Dragon Tomb and wild protection that haven't been. They've been too busy playing with mob spawn rate and all that.
  17. That sounds like the the truth to me!
  18. 1) Notch. Not Jeb. Notch.
    2) Back when Minecraft started, Scrolls was thought of but had not started development.
    3) One good thing about Minecraft is you don't have to use the new features if you don't like them - I did, however, love the Rainforest biome but they took it out in 1.8 and replaced it with boring ones. Mountains are nice, but not that nice. I loved the look of the rivers in the Rainforest biome - not the ones we have now.
    They're also giving us more stuff to do now. As an alpha player, Beta 1.8 took what I loved about Minecraft away but I got on with it - Minecraft has gone on to be my favourite game, but is slowly dropping down to 2nd place as other sandboxes - such as Project Zomboid - have me playing them almost all the time.

    It doesn't happen because the empire's population started to quit, got banned etc. We now need to vote on all of the lists ICC has put EMC on, to get more new members.