Why did you choose your username?

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  1. Not sure if anyone has posted a thread like this before ( I haven't seen a thread for this yet)
    But I've been noticing some pretty unique and interesting usernames out there and wanted to know the history behind your username :p

    Mine's not too interesting. People would always say I was like a ninja because of how silent I am, unintentionally most of the time lol. Whether it be when I'm playing a game or walking into a room, I don't make much noise :p And since one of my nicknames is Jossy people had started to call me Jossy the ninja. When I started getting into online gaming I couldn't think of a clever name so I decided to go with my nickname xD
  2. I write Anime/Fantasy fanfiction, my username is the name of the main character in which I base most of the stories around if there isn't already a plot to begin with.
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  3. No clue lol xD
    [edit] wait which user name?
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  4. because it is my favorite animal:)

    edit: btw is in spanish, so if you were wondering and lazy to research, it means gecko.
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  5. My name is a combo of two other usernames I used to use, eeveeluv52 (that was here!) and KittyMewMew. Turned into EVKMM. I added the best sounding vowel and kaboom bibbidy bop new name! I love this name so much, it is unique and most can pronounce it right and no numbers and no properties that aren't mine- it's perfect in my eyes.
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  6. I didn't think of my username, my sister did. This account was hers, after all :rolleyes: At the time she was pregnant, and I guess she was thinking about pacifiers and how it'd be cool to have a binky that lights up. It's grown on me, so I've kept it.
  7. When I was a freshman I had a seriosuly self worshipping teacher, who was also my cross country coach. I have a unique way of really ticking off people that THINK they are really clever and he had a pet name for me. 25 watt. Referring the very dim light bulb. From this I adopted a self labeled nickname in our back and forth: Gawa. Gi"ga Wa"tt. I didn't explain gawa to him until the second semester and hewas really annoyed that he called me gawa for about half a semester lol.

    Drolt is a spin on what it is supposed to be Adroit. Gawadroit has been my username for about twelve years but when I registered on minecraft somehow I locked gawadroit with an account that I apparently lost the password to. I have been gawadrolt on minecraft for 9 months and I don't think I'm going to change it. On swtor I have alts gawadrito gawadrita gawadroti and similar.
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  8. Simple. Defne is ded.
  9. Club Penguin gave it to me as a recommended name
  10. khixan (kI-zan)
    1. Two old scifi characters that no one besides me remembers.
    2. A play on words of my son’s first and middle name.
    3. Similar to kaizen, but one step back for every 3 forward.
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  11. Well, mines a old inside joke from way back when i was in 5th grade:
    L = Luigi
    Boss = Boss
    9001 = the best meme ever.
    My old name before LBoss9001, DoubleCakes9001, has a very long and dumb story. :p
    I needed a new Steam username, asked a few friends what they thought. One came up with BCakes9001. Thought that was good, so used that. Then, one of my friends, DoubleGlasses on here, Changed his name to SnuggleGlasses. Figured I'd keep the Double tradition intact. So i became DoubleCakes9001. :D
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  12. I used to play Quake III Arena a lot, my favourite character was Uriel. So for the game I was signing up for, uriel was already taken, it suggested uriel155 and thus uriel155 was born. *edit: game was moshi monsters
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  13. This is great xD I love all your posts
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  14. F and s are my initials, and Builder bcs i like building ^.^
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  15. My current username is the result of my old name being compared to the snowman from Frozen too often.
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  16. Hm, well since this I won't be sticking with this name (and my old was Starpuncher- will be going back to that) I may aswell use my old/new one :p

    Since I was about 8/9 at the time, I liked Sonic the Hedgehog. I named alot of my usernames after a fan-made character I made. Mine was called 'Reburn' and one of my usernames was 'Reburnsmasher' but Soul (SoulPunisher/my brother) also had an account with the word 'smasher' in it. So I tried to come up with something a bit more original but referred to breaking/hitting something. So I picked the first word, Star, and then thought for awhile (actually, 2 minutes). It originally was going to be "StarSmasher" but then changed it to puncher, because I wanted it have an unused last word :p

    Thu End.

    EDIT: As for my current one, this was a ship name of Dufne (formerly Defne_The_Boss) and FinalArc (current IGN of, are you ready? - Catacacalysm, what was meant to be Cataclysm :p)
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  17. This username is from a old youtube I watched, I liked him then he got boring, his name username was SkythekidRS but I called myself SEPTHEKID with no RS because sep is the first 3 letters of my name and I'm a kid ish not really... teenager... close tho
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  18. I made mine back when the first Xbox360's were released, I had to create a GamerTag and this was the first thing that came to mind (though I do have a space between the two words on that). Before this I never really had a username that stuck, but something about this one I really like. It might just be that I've had it for so long that it's grown on me!
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  19. Mine was chosen with the means to try and escape spam that many regular name emails got. So I created a name that meant absolutely nothing. It worked for the first few years. Then after signing up to some random stuff online. Spam found me. and the fact that all my friends know i use that name for pretty much anything online it is now even easier than ever to send me spam.

    But anyways the name was created just as MSN Messenger was popular to use and i needed a Hotmail account. It then went downhill from there as no one used messenger anymore as it has been replaced by Skype. after the Microsoft take over.
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