V.2 The TRUE Tale of FoxyRavenger

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  1. Hello again I wanted to re-create my tale since my last one was lacking.

    The Beginning...
    It was second semester of my 7th grade year, I had decent friends and decent grades. One day, my friends showed me a game made of square blocks and where you were free to build whatever you want hiding from the mobs at night. It was about two weeks later a new kid from New Mexico let me borrow his account. I was hooked from the start. But to start your minecraft aventure, you need a image for yourself. I was the lumberjack who flattened forests and didn’t care for replanting. I joined my first server wanting to be a town leader and being wealthy. I started out small, creating little factories for the process of charcoal. It wasn’t much but it payed out when coal started to rise with the lack of resources. People were seeing my profits and build around my claim. There was a large cliff nearby and Cliffton was born. The town was short lived with the diamond war. I sold my town for one million gold and placed myself in the farthest reaches of the map to stay away from the grief. After the server crashed for the 5th time, the server was shut down forever. Defeated but determined joined back to another server. I was surprised of a large castle almost 50,000 blocks wide! I did the same thing selling charcoal to the large cities that were situated throughout the map. I joined to a city created by TNT weeks later. I wanted a different view so I moved out again, but when I was chopping some wood with a stone axe, I found a fault in the system. Every time I right clicked, I spawned in a stack of that item. This led to the demise of the server when the spawn was caked in bedrock. The server shorty afterwards shutdown due to money issues and the grief. I was loosing hope, I really built myself on wood and lost it all due to a server issue. By this time, I wanted a new name for myself. I didn’t have a credit card so I let my friend set up my new account. I wanted a name like Cjharp1234 but of course, nothing turns out like you want and he set my name as clan23. I grabbed a nice lumberjack skin and with my wits of iron, saw a server listing of Empire minecraft. I joined without a doubt that I wanted to own the wood business. The large open spawn and sandstone streets tormented me with the tall towers of gold and iron. I find my perfect place at address 1125 of smp1. The residence reset with fence surrounding me. I got to work with my house of wood and my basement being the shop. I had high hopes but the shop was a bust. I reset my residence and took it apon myself to make it look better than the simplistic empireshop. I struggled for funds to continue but loosing my residence was too much for me from the start. I left to continue with my friend’s server had a lot of fun there but I lost interest. I was feeling the same problem with every server I joined, till 2014. I was about hopeless for the game, so I joined in a game for some pizza from a parlor that popped out from nowhere.
  2. The Second part...

    I loved pizza like any other person would, when you say it is a food group it truly was. I found this parlor about 10 months ago and loved it ever since. This place was called ‘Freddy’s Pizza’ similar to a Chuck-e-Cheese. There were arcade games, a pizza bar, and of course Freddy and his band on the stage. That day, I grabbed a couple of slices from the pizza bar and sat down like any other day. I look over to my left to see a circular curtain with a sign saying ‘Out of Order’. I ate my pizza and curiously wandered over to the curtains. I studied the curtains and surprised, a man in purple was behind me and spoke, “He’s out of order, you should play the arcade games instead.” He walked off. I stood in suspicion of the man but my attention wandered to the curtains to see what was inside. I looked around to make sure no one was watching and I jumped into the curtains. I landed and my head bumped into the broken jaw of a animatronic. He was torn and had loose wires hanging out of each rip of his red velvet skin. I being a tinkerer, I wanted to see if I could get this animatronic running again. I sneakily ran back and forth from the service and parts room grabbing a tool box, some zip ties, and a flashlight to see. I worked hard on this animatronic for hours, fixing his jaw and hanging up the wires that hung loosely. I just needed to charge him so I got the charging cable from the back and plugged him in to charge overnight. I admired what I have done but I didn't keep track of time and found myself in darkness. I still had the flashlight and headed for the front door. I tugged on the door finding myself locked in with metalic six foot animals. I had to make the best of it so I headed back to the cove. I used my sweatshirt and propped it on the large charging cable for neck support. I couldn’t sleep to say the least. Around midnight, I heard heavy footsteps in the dining room, I wanted to check it out with not being spotted. I got up and when I wanted to peak, the hook of this animatronic caught my shirt. I tugged and tugged till with a rip, I fell with a bang against the boards of the stage. Soon I realize the footsteps were moving towards me. I yelled on the top of my lungs, “Stay away! I don’t want to hurt you!” I grab the pliers from the tool box and stood ready. The curtains slowly open and what I see was a large bear staring at me with his large glowing eyes. My heartbeat rose emensully and before I knew it the bear spoke in a broken voice, “ He… Hello, you know you're breaking the rules being here.” I was scared but gained courage, “ I know, I didn’t keep track of time when fixing this animatronic.” The bear looked at me and looked at the animatronic that I worked on. “Do… you like him?” I raise my brow, “I was interested what was behind the curtain and I wanted him to run again, had to keep my mind off the servers that didn’t last.” The bear grabbed my arm without me knowing loosing my weapon and started to drag me to the parts room. “Come with me, I have a surprise for you!” I entered the room not being able to see at all. I saw red eyes in a corner and the bear mumbling something to it. I couldn’t escape the grasp. I got frustrated, “What do you want me in here!?” The white glowing eyes turned into small white pupils. I heard a ear piercing metallic scream and was knocked out cold from a hit to the back of my head. When the pizzeria turned on again, the lights awoke me. I was still in the parts and service room. I get up move towards the dinning room with my head in a fog. I saw surprised players when I walked in. Someone yelled, “Who are you!?” I question, “I am clan23, what ye be talkin’ a’bout?” I clamped my jaw surprised of my voice and realize of the large snout in front of me. I scream in horror creating a metallic scream like Freddy last night. I ran to the nearest bathroom clanking all the way there. I stood and shook in fright. “I.. became… one.” I said quietly. I couldn’t be there anymore, I had to get out of there. I ran out to the world of minecraft again, not sure what I should do. I had to create a new name for myself, “People called me Foxy, I’m more than just foxy, I’m… FoxyRavenger.” I had to admit, the name rang in my head for the longest time. I changed my name right then and there. I wanted a server which the community wanted some weirdness but class. Why not head back to the server I knew? Empire Minecraft after 4 years of not being there, still had a strong community and still continuing! I log back in with a old rusty axe from the previous years. I looked at my name, still haven’t changed. I didn’t mind, if people wanted to know of my last name that was fine by me. I am FoxyRavenger, I now roam smp6 where I slay foes with my trusty right hook. I couldn’t be happier enjoying players new and old.

    Disclaimer: This is not the true reason for my name change but it makes a good story. If you ever went to my residences, it will say “You have escaped to tell Foxy’s tale. This is the tale. I hope you enjoyed this story as I did creating it.
  3. That's a cool way to explain your name change.
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  5. I forgot to add that the first part of the story is true, so half non-fiction and fiction?
  6. Not bad. Both parts are pretty well written. How would you like to put these into in-game books and sell them in my library? You get all the profit if you supply your own book-n-quills! How does that sound?
  7. Sounds fine! I'm just not primarily focusing on books. I'm more over on my group side of things and building it up.
  8. Gotcha! Well, if you ever change your mind, hit me up. See you around!