Why aren't there any jobs?

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what kind of jobs?

Like Building copanies 5 vote(s) 71.4%
And a decent amount of rupees with it 2 vote(s) 28.6%
    That is all thank you. xD

    A fellow youtuber and gamer!

    EDIT: Building companies for things at other no not how to build
  2. What do you mean jobs? Like a jobs plugin?
  3. Yes some thing like that. and that, was freaky fast
  4. Aikar once said that there will be "quests" to earn rupees/tokens. For now, ask around town - someone will have something for you to do.
  5. Do you mean like 'quests' that other players set up a billboard for?

    For example: Player Bob wants 1 DC of Oak Planks and will reward someone who fulfills the quest/contract? (This would be done via a "Public Quests/Jobs" like signs or something in Town.)
  6. not exactly. more like a job that the person has to do every time they get on. like say if we did get hungry in EMC
    there would have to be either a farm on your res or a food store or somethin
  7. Oh, you mean roles? In that case, I would be the miner or huntsman. lol
  8. heres a job, build a work of art right off wild spawn and keep it from getting griefed
  9. funny but no
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  10. you would grief it probally since you said to. No offence
  11. No.
  12. How Do you know?
  13. LMAO
  14. Because he's a retired mod and saying someone would grief it doesn't mean THEY would.
  15. *grabs tools* Where is this art?
  16. that is, soo not what I was sayin'
  17. Alright, being serious now.

    We sort of do have jobs at the moment. A Mall owner may be hiring people to stock his store, you can start your own supply business and hire some people to help you, and you can even make it your job to help people in general.

    If you want official jobs, I am sure it is to come.
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  18. ok. and yes I want official jobs
  19. wow. this is my second post and I got this much already. that's insane
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