Who has the highest Likes to Posts ratio?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Quartzic, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. It's simple. Check your profile and find Total Site Likes and Total Site Posts. Divide the Likes by the Posts, boom, that's how many Likes you get on average.

    Let's find the highest ratio!
    I'll start with mine, 0.689015 likes per post.
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  2. Krysyy wins
  3. 2.13789778
  4. Aikar has 3.1 likes per post.
  5. 1.172357723577236
  6. I have a .857 rounded post to like ratio
  7. Laura, I think. Hers is 8.689655. :)
  8. Krysyy wins.

    You did it the other way around. It's like/post.
  9. Mine is 1.398. And I'm almost at 10,000 likes :p
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  10. Based on 815 posts (counting this one):

    0.823 (82.3%)

    I already see people with a higher ratio. But that doesn't make me inferior.
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  11. That is impressive. I almost gave you a like but I think you are already doing pretty good. What is the key to your success?
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  12. Do the posts follow any of these really well?


    Writing Style?
  13. ummmm so 5,506:3,875?
    1.421 here
  14. As of posting this:
    5,348 Posts

    = 3.27 ratio

    Granted, I never really posted in the auction threads on the forums and those generally don't receive likes. Don't let the numbers fool you ;)
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  15. 0.383 likes per post here, with 1532 posts.
    But I think I'ave got the most posts per like...
  16. 1.785

    Honestly, I'm surprised it's over the 0.000000000000000001 mark.
  17. 0.882480173035328

    Don't think I'll ever make it 1 to 1.

    Edit: Thanks to Patr1cV I'm over the 1 to 1 ratio, at 1.003602305475504.

    Thanks Patr1cV. :)
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  18. I'm .79 which I am also surprised is this high. I can be a little obnoxious. But in a good way.
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  19. I may be able to help. c:

    Edit: All done!
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