Who built the Capitol on SMP7 ?

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by lauwenmark, May 10, 2015.

  1. The title is pretty self explanatory. I'm wondering who built the Capitol complex on SMP7 frontier, located around [removed]. I explored that very remote location, and it is an impressive complex for sure.

    Whoever did this deserves my kudos.
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  2. I removed the coordinates, just to protect the location :)
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  3. Oh, sure, sorry about that!
  4. >.>
    That outpost might be a private outpost.
    You might not get an answer xD
    Why don't you place down a sign with your name asking to join in front of what looks like a well-used building?
  5. Oh, I don't want to join the place at all. I was just curious who were the extraordinary builders of this. Plain touristic curiosity :). If they don't answer, well, bad luck for me, but that's not very important. At least the authors know I found them very skilled and appreciated what they built.

    And I don't like the idea of placing a sign in it... it would feel like writing graffitis on those wonderful buildings :).
  6. Any screenshots? :)
  7. Yes, I made several, but I prefer waiting a little, in case one of the builders opposes to making those public.
  8. It'd be cool too see. Maybe you could PM them me?
  9. If you arent a member of this outpost and there remains the possibility of this outpost being private, you really ought not to ask for the pictures...
  10. I can't find it now, but I see it on the live map every time I look at smp7's live map.
  11. How would you know which outpost you're looking at? :confused:
  12. Oh ya, lol i was looking on the map and found this thing, it actually looks like the capitol! :D
  13. Can someone PM me coords? I'd like to look at it from livemap.
  14. You aren't giving very much detail lol. Maybe post a picture? I appreciate the coords being removed as someone who has a frontier base.
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  15. Four of the team who built the Capitol and the other buildings in that complex are MatthewDA, GTO007, mrrandalp and MrColt45. About 10k to the North of it is an unfinished scale model of Salisbury Cathedral :)
  16. Looks amazing! I found some really awesome builds closeby too. May take a trip out there if you don't mind?

    I see nothing wrong with asking for a screenshot or two if it's so good.
  17. You're welcome - there is a railway line in the nether which leads to both areas :)
  18. Oh, I was thinking that the received screenshots might've had coordinates in them, like via a minimap mod or something >.>
  19. Can you pm the cords i am from 7.
  20. Nice, I'll have to find it to get back home :)