Which Smp should I live on?

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Which Smp Should i put my res on. (if u want me as your neighbor then reply ur res number)

Smp9 11 vote(s) 50.0%
Smp3 11 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. not 6 we have enough
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  2. 5 is.. uh .. full
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  3. ha!
  4. Smp8. It's settled. There might be some Res around /v sgt_pepper4-4
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  5. SMP8!!!
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  6. For a server that likes its new players, seems to me not everyone wants new players near them. LOL You are more than welcome on smp9 or just pick one like I did.
  7. If you are deciding between 9 and 3, join smp3. We are making a comeback soon! :D
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  8. the SERVER likes new players
    people dont like blank plots around their home though so PLAYERS like quality over quantity
  9. So, Bitemenow15, what you are saying is the EMC server is friendly to new players, just the Players themselves are not? LOL
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  10. no im saying players like people they have gotten to know and feel confident that they are going to be here more then a week so there isnt a big ugly grass plot next to theirs until 30 days from now
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  11. smp4 rules and makes their peasant pay taxes, not fun, not fun
    Taxes arent exactly the welcome gift a player would want
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  12. The best (unbiased) advice I can give you is to try those servers yourself first, get a good feel what they're about and then make a decision based on that experience. I think that's the best way to find out if you'd like it. Because... well, we all have our favorites and most importantly: what's fun for me doesn't have to be fun for you.

    Having that boring non-bias out of the way my advice would be to try SMP9. Not because I think it's better than SMP3, but because I've spend some quality time on SMP9 myself from time to time (in the Frontier), and I think it's a very relaxing server to play on, with nice people to chat with. There is this small movement that wants to take over EMC by starting an a full scale war in the PvP areas but heck; as long as you don't do /pvp you should be fine ;) (I'm somewhat joking but....).

    Of course the server where it's all happening is SMP2, but we're full at the moment because of an exchange player from SMP7 :D

    If you think I'm acting a little bit weird then you got nothing but SMP8 to blame for that. Go there, you'll even get a warning up front ;)
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  13. Umm.. *tweaks*
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  14. It's smp utopia though, just like the command I always use to get there: /smp utopia. And yes, that seriously is the command I use, because I think it makes more sense, as all the other servers start with smp too... :p
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  15. You should actally come to smp1, because... Reasons :)
  16. :eek: At first glance I read that as Ransoms :D
  17. Come to smp7! We have quality outposts and players that are very friendly. Shell "Always" has the right thing to say and you should look around
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