When is endertopia opening for all member?

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are you enthuthiastic about this?

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no, im a supporter and now non supporters will lag this and i won't be able to get xp 24 vote(s) 64.9%
yes, i want the xp! 16 vote(s) 43.2%
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  1. old self

    im being kind of selfish, but want to know when the enderman giant xp farm from EMC is opening to all members, and what is the command to get there?

    how i know is opening for all players? answer- the supporter shop on this website says it
  2. the command is /v endertopia, or you can walk into the black and red bubble made out of glass and redstone blocks in /town in Utopia. It will be open to all players at the same time wild and waste are open to all players.
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  3. Even as a Former Supporter, Im not really happy about the Wild being open on Utopia for Free People. Just to say that everything within like 5,000 Blocks is probably going to get griefed. Its been so well preserved since the last wild reset in a bygone age.

  4. I think you can blame the EULA for this one. From the way I was reading everything before that everyone was posting on EMC, either Utopia had to stay Supporter only and the rest stay Free Only or it all opens to everyone. (I could have read wrong. I had a lot going on then.)

    Reading the page he talks about: http://empireminecraft.com/upgrade/ EMC decided to make it open to all BUT:
    Free players will have to wait in a queue to get online, and supporters will always have instant access.

    (Edit: My post sounds like it's bashing, but it's not. I am all for everyone being treated equal as Dj__Krazy said.)
  5. The eula is on of the best that has happend to the server since all players are treated equally...
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  6. lol the end of allengero's iron farm is near
  7. GG all the <5000 block beautiful farms and builds..

    Should be something like 1 year+ on EMC to join queue without supportership, I dunno.

    OT- you shouldn't really be excited anyhow, endertopia was never all that efficient. Much better off with a small SMP ender grinder or even a spawner grinder.
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  8. The server should have a single slot, so for you to get on there would have to be no one else on the server. Aikar can then laugh at Mojang.
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  9. I think it should be like, buying access to Utopia such as, All Former supporters and current buyers of supporter would get access, thus it proves those who have invested real money into the server would get access and would be less likely to grief.
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  10. Pay 100 billion rupees for 1 second access, @Mojoksters
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  11. If only utopia's wild could be restricted but still follow EULA...Maybe if it was only open to members that have stayed on the server a certain amount of days Ex: Must be 100+ days old to access utopia. My apologies to new players, but if a player happens to get banned for griefing it is often a newer player who hasnt yet devoted time to the server.
  12. Sadly that's true, its gonna get shreked in about 5 seconds after utopia wild is open to free players unless all the new players stay on the smp they start on.
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  13. I would assume that most new players don't know about Utopia (I didn't know about it until about a year after I joined) and even then they may not know how to get there. Many don't even know how to switch between servers in-game. So hopefully it'll just be older EMC players who aren't going to grief that make it to Utopia's Wild
  14. Well two things:

    1. The hard work of many supporters is about to be destroyed almost instantly

    2. No supporters actually use the enderman grinders as xp grinders, as they take ~30-40 minutes just to reach level 30, something I can reach in a few minutes at a private grinder. It's highly inefficient, and many supporters just use it to sell the enderpearls
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  15. If you're talking about endertopia, it takes as short as six minutes to reach level 30 there.. :p Four minutes if you use AZ endertopia
  16. What have I been missing? I am a former iron supporter all this seems confusing to me...
    what exactly is endertopia? is it just a bunch of enderman spawners or what?
    why is utopia's wild being free to everyone? All there that is loved will be griefed.(I understand that the Eula says but just WHY???
  17. Hmm sounds like something similar to an idea I had about TNT use. You can view it here: TNT!

    Basically maybe they should implement a thing for veteran players. (Players who have been on the servers for a long time but also active enough). That way you wouldn't get temp players who come on just to cause problems. That way in the long run everyone could be able to go but it still limits new players. Though not sure if that's against the EULA or not.
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  18. I hate the fact even though i will be able to access utopia that the new players that grief will just destroy the beauties of the beloved iron farm and all the build supporters do to have a better more enjoyable time on emc
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  19. I agree, there should be a buffer for the server such as must have been on the server for 1 year plus and have not been banned maybe?
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  20. But i wish that the EULA standards didn't fall under this but hey i guess we gotta look at the glass half full instead of half empty we can't change what has already been done
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